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Sports festival on the bones of peoples

Василий Сажин
Василий Сажин
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The Winter Olympic Games in Sochi are unrivalled in its grandeur and splendor of the celebration.


Meanwhile, sports facilities and structures were built on land where once was a mass killing of people, entire nations were destroyed, genocide has been committed. And now there is a triumph and the excitement of competition.


This year it is 150 years since the last stronghold of Adyghe was surrounded and crushed by superior imperial armies in the village Kbaada. It abolished the organized resistance of hill people in the longstanding Caucasian war. Kbaada was renamed Krasnaya Polyana, where Olympic venues and facilities in fact were constructed on the graves of killed people.


This provoked a protest of Adyghe people and representatives of Circassian community. A protest movement was held in Nalchik against the holding of the Olympics, where participants hung posters, among which the one was showed up: "Sochi - the land of genocide" About 30 people were detained by police.


Let us recall that as a result of the Caucasian war, conducted by Tsarist Russia, several million people were destroyed or expelled from their native lands.


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