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  2. According to prosecutors of Komi, the police can pick a random person up from the street to the nuthouse

According to prosecutors of Komi, the police can pick a random person up from the street to the nuthouse

Игорь Сажин
Игорь Сажин
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A man came to us and told a story, which we didn’t believe at first. But today came a reply from the procuracy, and their answer confirmed everything.


The events took place in 2011. A disabled person goes to a day patient facility for treatment. He goes down the street quietly. Suddenly a motorcycle with district police officers approaches him. They offer a disabled person to get to a mental health facility for a psychiatric examination. Disabled person agrees (what else to do, if people in uniform demand). They went to a mental health facility, and the quirky doctors quickly figured out that the police act outside the law, and that they have no documents. Doctors sent district police officers and the disabled man back. We must do justice to these policemen who took the disabled back to where they got him.


Why would the police carry a disabled person for examination? It is more or less clear, if it is determined at the time that a stepson of this disabled had recently died, and he was all alone in a council flat. Why would two district police officers carry a disabled person to a psychiatric hospital for examination without any documents? I may assume that they like the apartment.


But this is how a response from Attorney on January 15, 2014 on a complaint about the police action sounds like: "The fact of transmittal to a medical facility, as well as the chance to talk to a doctor, is not prohibited by applicable law, and it doesn’t contradict it." With that the employee of procuracy K. V. Kovalyov (a junior counselor of justice) indicates that the police acted with verbal consent of the disabled. In other words, Mr. Kovalyov considers it appropriate if a police patrol would approach him on the street, and police officers would offer him to go on a psychiatric examination, and then, after receiving a verbal consent , they would take him, Mr. Kovalyov, away to asylum for mental examination. After all, "applicable law does not prohibit it and it doesn't contradict the law."


I have a question to the Prosecutor of the Republic of Komi: in your office there works a man who considers normal when the police just takes disabled people off the street and carries them to asylum. Moreover, this lawyer, a junior counselor of justice, believes that these actions are "not inconsistent with" the Russian legislation. And the point is that Mr. Kovalyov does that on behalf of the Prosecutor's Office of the Republic of Komi.


Finally, both of the policemen, to my knowledge, are still working in the police, as if nothing had happened. They have passed all certifications and all filters.


Original: http://7x7-journal.ru/post/36574


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