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Imperial ambitions of the remand prison chief

Андрей Бабушкин
Андрей Бабушкин
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Head of the Murmansk remand prison V. A. Popov confirmed his reputation of a principled opponent of human rights.


January 11, 2014 Irina Paykacheva, her colleagues from the Murmansk PMC and me checked the remand prison №1 of Murmansk. Previously I repeatedly came here. Typical prison with its advantages and disadvantages. Maybe there were a bit more advantages.


But this time I was warned: there is a new chief V. A. Popov, a former commander of the detention center in Nalchik and Minusinsk prison. In those places Vladimir Anatolyevich left bad memories behind.


On 4-hour check, during which we were constantly bothered, we identified a large number of disadvantages. However, the number of deficiencies turned out to be insignificant against the background of their depth. We are trying to bring it to the attention of colonel V. A. Popov.


Head of the remand prison reacts very emotionally on all identified deficiencies, can’t listen to the end, interrupts constantly.


When he interrupted me for the seventh time, I decided that our conversation is pointless. I informed V. A. Popov that I am going to write an official document on violations.


And that’s what happens next. Vladimir Anatolyevich tries to draw out a frank conversation: starts talking about democracy, ancient Greek philosophy, violations of the Murmansk PMC. He was greatly surprised to learn that I am the author of the first book in Russia on the rights of victims protection. Before that, his favorite phrase was why human rights activists don’t protect the rights of victims! Starts arguing with me about the legality of actions of I. V. Paykacheva who passed a note in English to one of the "Arctic Sunrise" prisoners. Popov can’t get the idea that the law doesn’t prohibit members of the PMC to send and receive messages in English, of course, except if there is a leak of information about the case or pressure on witnesses.


The conversation is emotional, but seemingly friendly. I once again urged V. A. Popov to cooperate with the PMC, trying to explain him why they need the control of civil society in prison. Popov seems to even agree with me. Assistant of the chief of the Federal Penitentiary Service for Human Rights Boris Chernov is getting more relaxed and asks for permission to leave us, seeing that this conversation with V. A. Popov will never stop. After his leaving Popov asks the Deputy Chief to turn off the working all this time video recorder. I am beginning to think that in a few minutes we'll leave, if not adherents, then at least people who understood each other.


Suddenly Popov changes the tone, it become alarming: he reproaches I. V. Paykacheva that she "has published his data".


What kind of data? I am wondering. It turns out that we are talking about the article of Irina Vladimirovna, where she gave a quote of another prominent human rights activist Valery Khatazhukov. A human rights activist from Nalchik gives an interview about the work of Popov as a chief of prison in Nalchik, where proved himself as an ugly chief and a cruel man.


“Show me the personal information in the article.” I ask the raging chief, but he shrugs off me and starts to threaten Paykacheva that in the case of one more publication her family will get into trouble.


I am at a loss and try to calm the raging colonel. However, he had already let himself go. "Let Paykacheva understand it with her sparrow-brain," he rages turning on a first-name basis.


"How dare you to insult a woman!" I 'm trying to moderate Popov, but it’s impossible without a special forces unit. He repeats that Paykacheva has a "sparrow-brain". After remark of another member of the PMC, Bekkhan Pliev, Popov, mispronouncing words in Caucasian way, calls him Bliev. Bekkhan corrects him, but Popov says that Bekkhan is Bliev and nobody else.


Without waiting him to drop down on Paykacheva and Pliev we leave the inhospitable cabinet.


Hour and a half of communication with that person makes one believe the story of Paykacheva on how Popov personally dragged her through the checkpoint, trying to enforce his regular insane orders, causing her bruises, and stories about how Popov personally beated prisoners, being the chief prison of Minusinsk and Nalchik.


The question arises: who appointed this man who can’t listen, can’t argue, doesn’t respect anyone but himself, and believes in his impunity so that begins to affront human rights activist? Does this brash guest of Murmansk land know that this woman is a former member of the city, well-known in the area and in Russia human rights activist?


How does Popov behave with prisoners? — You are probably thinking. And if so, then you are absolutely right.


Friends, anyone who knows Vladimir Anatolyevich Popov as a good or bad person, please respond and help us to understand this man. Who's in front of us: a consummate executioner or just an incontinent man who has positive features?


Original: http://7x7-journal.ru/post/36366

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