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I put in a word for a prosecutor Shuklin

Тамара Макарова
Тамара Макарова
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The resignation of a former Komi prosecutor Shuklin doesn’t go out of my mind.


His predecessor Kovalevsky left a post for the service in  Lukoil, but Shuklin responded with a good grace to my letter about the concealment of oil spills on the Lukoil production fields and assumed real and effective measures.


I tried to figure out where Shuklin is, and what he does now. They told me in secret that he is in the Kirov region, retiral... They expound greatly on him, saying that he was “the prosecutor of the future”.


I googled for the information about him. During his retirement five years ago there were a lot of notes in the Internet: “The team colligated the voluntary resignation of Shuklin with a negative evaluation of his activity by the State Council, the authorities of the region, public representatives and press (http://viperson.ru/wind.php?ID=497256&soch=1)”.


Well, it’s not necessary to talk about the controlled public representatives and press. And it’s clear who organized everything.


I am pitiful to this person. Defeated... Or not?


Alexander Ivanovich, we remember you!


Original: http://7x7-journal.ru/post/34577?r=komi

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