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Indigenous people rights. The 5th Congress of Finno-Ugric peoples

Андрей Данилов
Андрей Данилов
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I just couldn't get over this article.

I was convinced: all the indigenous peoples have same problems, which means they are system wide.


Speech of G. D. Musalev, Chairman of the Mordvin Republic Foundation for the Salvation of the Erzyan Language, at the V Congress of Finno-Ugric peoples, Saransk, 27.09.2013


Шумбратадо, мельвановикс финно-угрань раськень делегат! Good afternoon!

I’ll give a preliminary ground on four of my proposition to submit for your approval.

First, I would like to ask you, distinguished delegates of the V Congress of Finno-Ugric peoples, do we really need these congresses? Today we didn’t speak about the objectives of the IV Congress, which of them have been resolved, and what remained on paper. In other words, we don’t have any report.

Here on the V Congress we are going to make decisions again; and on the next Congress we’ll ignore (not analyze) them again. Then what is the use of these conventions?

Secondly, I want to ask you a question, distinguished delegates! If the authorities of the Russian Federation guaranteed equal rights for all ethnic groups without violating the Constitution of the Russian Federation, would it be necessary to hold such conventions of Finno-Ugric as Turkic peoples? And what with the Constitution? All the laws intercrossing the interests of Russian and indigenous people, passed by the State Duma over the last ten years, are in favor of Russians and prejudice the rights of indigenous peoples. There are a huge number of such laws. I will make only 4 examples due to the lack of time.

1. Heads or Presidents of republics of the Russian Federation can be elected without knowing the language of the indigenous people, their culture, and become their master and "teacher". What is it? It’s an absurd, isn’t it? V. V. Putin confirmed this position. I asked Vladimir Vladimirovich a question concerning this issue: if the State Duma passes a law, according to which a person can become the president of Russia without knowing the Russian language, will you sign it? Deafening silence.

2. At the end of 2012, the State Duma amended an act, according to which “the teaching of the Russian language is necessary for all Russians, and the indigenous peoples language is at the option of parents” (Education Act number 273, Article 14 , Chapter 2 , paragraph 3) I. e.  the Russian language became native for non-Russians, and their native language became minor, outlaw. Chauvinism is evident, colonialist policy is held.

Science and life claim that other languages should be taught on the basis of the native language ​​— it facilitates progress. It is noble, civilized, scientific.

3. Anti-Extremism Law. It is directed primarily against the indigenous peoples; just to make it easier to hang a label of an extremist on the neck of the one who dares to stand up for the rights of his people, for equality, against lawlessness and official corruption. (Federal Law of 25.07.2002 № 1147-FL (as amended on 02.07.2013 "On Countering Extremist Activities").

4. The updated law on public organizations: it is basically the law on the elimination of national public organizations, the law on the elimination off the public stage of Moscow undesirables. That's what the government of Mordovia does. Civic organizations of Mordovia were bribed and now serve faithfully to the current regime; these organizations became its appendage, provide a pillar of support within the collapse of the national movement. These close to government organizations handle mainly recreational activities, demonstrating that non-Russian peoples are only permitted to sing and dance, to have fun — to swim along the Volga River, wasting scarce resources allocated from the budget for the development of cultures and education of the Erzyas and Mokshas. (Federal Law of 19.05.1995 № 82-FZ, eds. from 20.07.2012 "On Public Associations").

29 June, 2006 UN approved the Declaration of the Rights of Indigenous Peoples. Russia abstained. Representatives of the Russian Federation amended, which significantly weakened the rights of indigenous peoples. Other states have regarded this as a double standard move in dealing with indigenous peoples.

Russia makes a step forward, twenty five steps — back. "Twenty five steps" policy of russification is hidden in one step.

They shout about Russian national program, of Russian ideas, that Russian are most offended (Zhirinovsky, etc.), but they are silent on the preservation and development of the oppressed indigenous peoples. Let the Russian empire, which is called the "Federation", provide the Finno-Ugric peoples at least such rights, create such conditions in their homeland, which Russian have in their former colonies: in Ukraine, the Baltic States, Kazakhstan, etc. What is the reason of such plight of indigenous peoples? It is that the power of Russia, violating the Federal Agreement and the Constitution, behaving imperially, with great power ideology, which is not hidden nowadays by the way.

Many times I have heard from the speakers that Saransk is landscaped in honor of the 1000th anniversary of the unification of Mordova and Russian peoples.

Yes, this is partly true. But it is still, distinguished delegates, a provincial Russian town; it doesn’t look like the Erzya and Moksha capital. There are no signages on the Erzya and Moksha languages. It does not reflect the history of these peoples. Up to now the government of the RM ignore and don’t want to set up a monument to the 13th century inyazor Purgas the Great in Saransk. For whom are the residential complexes, stadiums and other buildings? If the Erzyas and Mokshas will be wiped out so quickly, then in 50-70 years in Saransk and Mordovia will live Chinese, Central Asians and other ethnic groups.

Hence the question arises: was the 1000th anniversary a special day for the Erzyas and Mokshas, if nine out ten Republic leaders are Russians and the 10th is Tatar: Head of the Republic, Prime Minister, Chairman of the State Assembly, Head of the Administration of the Republic of Mordovia, the first two deputy Chairman of government, the first three deputy Chairman of the State Assembly, Plenipotentiary of the President in the Russian Federation. And all the power structures (there are 12!) are headed only by Russians, empire holders in Moldova. There are no Erzyas, Moksha or Tatars among them (Chairman of the FSB, the chief prosecutor, Interior Minister, military commissar, Chief Justice, Chief of Traffic Police, Head of extremism, Head of the Tax Inspectorate, Head of Drug Control Service of Mordovia, etc.) All these ten leaders and 12 heads of law enforcement agencies don’t know the Erzya or Moksha language. Meanwhile, the top ten of the Republic must know the state language of the Republic of Mordovia. But they don’t know it, so they are deemed unfit for the position.

During 2013, the Ministry of Education and Culture didn’t purchase any books on Erzya or Moksha languages. They have one answer: "Not a penny in the budget for it yet". Two ministers of these departments and the Chairman of the State Committee on Youth of the Republic Mordovia are also Russians and don’t know either Erzya or Moksha languages​​, so they are also deemed unfit for the position.

As for national affairs, where the interests of the Erzyas and Mokshas intercross, all 10 major positions are given to the Mokshas. I don’t blame the Mokshas, they are consciously countered with Erzyan and confronted with them. So I guess knowing the ideology of empire — it is the policy of Moscow, “divide and conquer”. Why? There are 3-4 times more of the Erzyas in Russia than the Mokshas, and the Erzyas State exists for a considerable time, therefore they are of a great value.

We offered to put Erzyanin as the Minister of National Policy, but our offer was not taken into account. Moksha was appointed. A former employee of The Invisible Front without knowing the Moksha language. Three employees of the FSB are now working in the Ministry, as I am aware.

So, the Ministry of National Policy became a kind of branch of the FSB. Here are my suggestions:

1. It is necessary to hold the session in all the parliaments of Finno-Ugric republics and districts of Russia on the law of the state indigenous languages.

2. Apply to the State Duma of Russia with a proposal to cancel the previous laws that are contrary to the Constitution and which violate the rights of indigenous peoples.

3. Establish the State Prize for the Finno-Ugric peoples in literature, science, education, art, economics of 3 degrees. Premium amount is equivalent to the State Prize of the Russian Federation.

4. Return the column "nationality" to passports. Deleting "nationality" out passports they actually eliminated the existence of the indigenous peoples in Russia, prevented the possibility of holding a referendum for ethnic groups to defend their rights if necessary. In addition, it provided an opportunity to privatize natural resources of the indigenous Russian for Abramovich, Berezovsky... By law, the indigenous peoples of the North and the Far East have privileges. They were eliminated. How is it possible now to determine the ethnic group without "nationality" graph? And now many "zhirinovtsy" and other chauvinists can speculate their benefits. The indigenous peoples are deprived of living principles, they are taken away from the customs of their ancestors, life and the meaning of life.

It is important to note, Russia is constitutionally a Federation, i. e. has a Federal Agreement with the Federation subjects, including the Republics (nations). After removing "nationality" from passports it’s incomprehensible to whom the contract has been concluded. The Constitution of the Russian Federation is violated. – Federation is overscored. – Committed a crime. Now, the polity of Russia is practically hung in the air.

Thank you for your attention!

Original: http://7x7-journal.ru/post/34534?r=murmansk

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