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Resignation is in the air

Александр Кулешов
Александр Кулешов
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Quotes, my friends, just quotes. But they are worth reading.

Assistant secretary of General council of «Edinaya Rossiya» party, a Duma deputy Olga Batalina:

“«Edinaya Rossiya» will not support the initiatives of denial or reduction of social benefits, if they appear in any region. No previous social commitments should be reduced in spite of any problems with the federal budget. All the social obligations should be indexed. The situation in Arkhangelsk was measured: initiative of denying payments exists. A posture of the Presidium of the General Council of the Party is rather tough: such initiatives won’t be supported by regional factions of the assembly.”

Chairman of the State Duma Committee on Economic Policy, Innovation and Entrepreneurship; Presidium member of the General Council of «Edinaya Rossiya» Igor Rudensky:

“The decisions taken by the authorities of the Arkhangelsk region run counter with to the attitudes of Russian President Vladimir Putin that all the social obligations must be observed to the full extent. All social payments, including indexing, are required and guaranteed by the budget. It is necessary to observe the regulations of the social benefits to the full extend and to provide support for a decent standard of life of labor veterans. I think that the decisions of the Arkhangelsk region authorities should be adjusted.”

Deputy of «Edinaya Rossiya» party of Arkhangelsk Regional Assembly Andrey Palkin:

“We see the governor’s point. We understand why he makes this unpopular move. And I support him.”

Deputy of «Edinaya Rossiya» party of Arkhangelsk Regional Assembly Yuriy Serdyuk:

“On the issue of the child benefits abolition we generally agree with the regional position: the funds that we will release due to the abolition of benefits for children of one and a half to three years should be sent to the co-financing of federal kindergarden building programs.”

Can you feel it?

Original: http://7x7-journal.ru/post/34514?r=arkhangelsk

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