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  2. Russian authorities seem to be unaware of the dead-end of their vain attempts on the Greenpeace occasion

Russian authorities seem to be unaware of the dead-end of their vain attempts on the Greenpeace occasion

Игорь Сажин
Игорь Сажин
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International civil activism is certainly a social phenomenon which is impossible to be entamed at the domestic level.

Russian authorities' vain attempts to break this huge social system look as if the boy named Vova, a great fan of horses and horse riding, would throw a penknife at the tires of passing vehicles under the age of car appearance. Even if Vova were an adult man and ran after cars with a machine gun or drove a tank, he still would not overcome automobilization. Even if Vova were the Chief of State and banned cars everywhere, required his citizens to give up harmful and degrading traditional values ​​of cars, and mount a horse all together… Even then it would be only a rather short timeout, and the country would be pushed out on the wayside of progress.

In the same way the vain attempts of today's Russian government (encouraged by ersatz patriots) to announce international civil society activists the pirates, to declare independent civil activism detrimental to the country — are pathetic. To search for purely national and not national money at the background of the non national capital is also pathetic. It is such a temporary and not significant discomfort that after about 10 years we will recollect this nonsense and laugh over the stupidity of those who made all this fuss.

To get in the way of both technical and social progress, in the way that is already discovered by humanity and accepted as quite reasonable scheme of social behavior — it is an impossible luxury for a country which is barely out of the developing countries. Russian authorities decided to get in the way of Greenpeace — you can not even imagine what the green movement in the world means; how huge the mechanism is; how it is far from money, Russian authorities used to; and how it is strongly and seriously connected with a civil initiative (phenomenon, which is barely understood by Russian authorities).

It's not even a conspiracy; it’s just Russian authorities’ unawareness of the stalemate they are driving into by arranging political merrymaking around Greenpeace and civil society in Russia.

Original: http://7x7-journal.ru/post/34048?r=en

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10 ноя 2013 01:35

Непонятная порция постов на энглиш... и у Иванова, и у Сажина.
Все дружно учим латынь под розгами?
Или 7x7 выходит на новый уровень?

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