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  2. Kogalym resident summoned to police over 'The Last Supper'-styled photo

Kogalym resident summoned to police over 'The Last Supper'-styled photo

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A resident of Kogalym was summoned to the police over a photo styled after Leonardo da Vinci's painting 'The Last Supper.' The man told '7x7' on May 21 that he had been denounced by members of the Z-movement 'Russian Community.'

Vadim Adamenko, a social activist from the Khanty-Mansi Autonomous Okrug, published a photo mimicking 'The Last Supper' and asked his followers to 'find 12 differences' from the original.

Members of the Z-movement 'Russian Community' then organized a mass harassment campaign against Adamenko, claiming that he 'imagines himself as Jesus Christ' and thus insults the beliefs of religious people. In their Telegram channel, they groundlessly linked Adamenko to the LGBT community. Additionally, a soldier from Kogalym, stationed in Ukraine, recorded a video condemning Adamenko.

Following the denunciation by Orthodox activists, Adamenko was summoned to the police for questioning. On his personal page, the activist tried to explain that he worked 'for the good of the state' as a psychologist in the Donetsk People’s Republic. It is currently unknown if any charges will be pressed against him, but Adamenko has expressed his intention to hold the leader of the 'Russian Community' in Kogalym accountable for making false accusations.

"This organization and its members have come together solely to harass people they consider 'undesirable' and to place themselves above the law. Today, they devour me; tomorrow, it could be any of you," wrote Adamenko.


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