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LGBT movement labeled as extremist in Russia

The Supreme Court of Russia has deemed the so-called International LGBT Public Movement extremist, despite the non-existence of such an organization, as reported by the SOTA Telegram channel on November 30.

Judge Oleg Nefedov labeled the purported International LGBT Public Movement as extremist, prohibiting its activities within Russia. The verdict was reached in a mere four hours, with the absence of any representatives from the defendant, and journalists were denied access to the proceedings.

The Ministry of Justice initiated legal action against the LGBT movement on November 17. However, the entity targeted by the lawsuit did not exist at that time. In a strategic move, activists established the mentioned organization just a day before the court proceedings to ensure their participation. Human rights activist Igor Kochetkov was appointed as the organization's leader.

In December 2022, Russia enacted a law prohibiting the “propagation of nontraditional sexual relationships or preferences, pedophilia, and transgenderism.” This legislation restricts the dissemination of information related to the LGBT community in media, books, films, and advertisements.

In July 2023, Vladimir Putin signed another law, barring the alteration of gender markers, with exceptions made for individuals requiring treatment for anomalies or illnesses.


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Дина Хитрова
Дина Хитрова
Что самое важное, что хочется сохранить, сберечь, приумножить?
30 November 2023
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Николай Кузьмин
Важно помнить, что наполняем бюджет своими налогами мы и у государства нет своих денег!
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