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  2. Commander promises to bring back to war Ufa man returned home by his mother 

Commander promises to bring back to war Ufa man returned home by his mother 

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Anton Yakovlev from Ufa was brought back from the war by his mother Irina Yakovleva in November. Now, his commander promises to send him back to Ukraine. The man has been charged with unauthorized abandonment of his unit. Irina Yakovleva informed a 7x7 correspondent about her son’s situation on September 25.

Irina Yakovleva was able to return her youngest son from Ukraine in November 2022. He was mobilized on September 27. Two weeks later, his older brother Konstantin Yakovlev got in a car accident and fell into a coma. He regained consciousness when his mobilized brother returned home.

Still, his condition had raised the issue of guardianship over him. Irina Yakovleva could not take care of her sick son as she suffers of severe diabetes and heart disease. The family began to do the paperwork to assign Anton Yakovlev as the guardian which process has taken almost a year. According to the mother, the family has informed "all relevant institutions" including the court about their plans. However, there has been no response from Anton’s military unit.

In September 2023, Anton Yakovlev and his mother visited the military enlistment office and presented the necessary paperwork for releasing him from service. To the question of why as the place of the family residence was indicated a territory with no residential houses they responded that they lived on the site of a former penal colony. The question about the family residence unambiguously demonstrated that the military authorities were looking for Anton. Upon their return home, they were visited by representatives of the military commandant who took Anton away. He was sent to a military unit in Alkino where he spent two weeks.

“His commander said in front of everyone in his unit, ‘Tell your mom that this is not a kindergarten. And the guardianship will be reissued to the mother or father, and you will go to Ukraine,’” Irina Yakovleva told 7x7.

The woman is unable to take care of her son Konstantin who was left disabled after the accident.

“I can't lift him. Once we both fell. Thank God we are still alive while Anton is away. Konstantin recognizes us, but he's like a child. He's always asking for Anton, crying. We've been living in hell for a whole year. If I die, there is no one to help,” Irina Yakovleva says.

Before the war, Anton Yakovlev worked as a warehouse manager in Ufa. Upon mobilization, he was first sent to a training school in Penza, then to the front line. In October Yakovlev and his fellow soldiers got isolated from his unit on the territory controlled by Ukrainian troops. Later, he contacted his girlfriend and told her that he and some others had refused to fight. After that, there was no contact with him until he returned home on November 28.


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