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  2. Bryansk authorities will implement counter-illumination to protect city against air raids

Bryansk authorities will implement counter-illumination to protect city against air raids

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The Bryansk administration intends to use counter-illumination as protection from aerial attacks. It will take the form of partial dimming and false lighting of buildings. The decree outlining the plan for the counter-illumination project was issued on July 26.

According to the decree, officials will implement measures for counter-illumination in Bryansk, which will involve partial darkening and false lighting of buildings during an air alert.

During false illumination, the lighting of "the most important buildings" will be completely turned off, while less critical structures will have their illumination strengthened. During a partial blackout, the power supply to stadiums, exhibition spaces, advertising structures, and architectural illumination will be disconnected. In schools, hospitals, kindergartens, streets, and parks, half of the lights will be extinguished.

To the air raid signal, drivers will have to stop and turn off their headlights. The mayor's office will also install light signs directing people to shelters.

Since the outbreak of the war in Ukraine, officials in the border regions have been implementing various security measures for the civilian population. However, not all of these initiatives have been effective. For instance, in the Belgorod Region, 10 billion rubles (108,820,000) were spent on a frontier line to protect the area from potential Ukrainian army invasions.

On May 22, 2023, a sabotage group entered the territory of the Graivoron city district. The armed men managed to cover a distance of approximately 9.4 kilometers. According to official reports, two individuals lost their lives during the raid: Yuri Gaevoy, a member of a territorial defense unit, and an 82-year-old woman. Allegedly, the man died from a direct gunshot to the head, while the woman passed away when being evacuated.


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