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  2. Sverdlovsk guardianship authorities were unaware of death of foster child for six months

Sverdlovsk guardianship authorities were unaware of death of foster child for six months

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An investigation has been launched into the negligence of guardianship officials in Yekaterinburg. For half a year, they failed to find out about the death of six-year-old Daler Babiev in a foster family. The news of the loss only surfaced in June 2023, as reported by E1.ru on June 29.

The custody officials were scheduled to visit the Naumovs family at the end of June, but prior to their arrival, Daler's adopted mother, Veronika Naumova, informed them that her six-year-old son was missing. Volunteers initiated a search that lasted several days. During police questioning, Naumova eventually confessed that Daler had died in December. According to her statement, the boy drowned in the bathtub during an epileptic attack.

Fearful of the consequences, Naumova concealed his body in a bag, which was later discovered by the police among unfinished garages located 300 meters from their residence. Naumova was subsequently detained. Meanwhile, her husband, who is the father of the children and currently serving in Ukraine, was urgently summoned back. Sverdlovsk journalists clarified that he had been on leave in March, but it remains unclear whether he is aware of his adopted son's death.

Children's ombudsman Igor Morokov declined to comment on Daler's death.

Naumova, 34, has a family of six children, three of whom are adopted. One of her former foster children, Daniil Yegolnikov, claimed that Naumova subjected Daler to bathing in freezing water, beat him with a stun gun, and forced him to stay in the basement when she was too irritated with him. Naumova had previously worked as a geography and biology teacher at a family school.

Throughout the day, residents of Yekaterinburg visited the house on Simferopolskaya Street, where Daler resided, bringing flowers and toys. Leaflets with messages such as "Murderer" and "Burn, animal" were posted on Naumova's apartment door by townspeople. A memorial service was held in the church to honor Daler's memory.



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