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  2. Kostroma authorities spent 50 million rubles on buses to take military men on vacation

Kostroma authorities spent 50 million rubles on buses to take military men on vacation

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The Kostroma regional government made an acquisition of three buses worth a total of 50 million rubles ($626,000). These vehicles will be used to facilitate the transportation of military personnel to their homes during their vacation periods. On May 16, the news was featured on the website of the regional state administration.

The administration of the Kostroma region has procured three buses, each equipped with 53 seats, carefully selecting the “most skilled drivers for the task.” These buses have been acquired specifically for the purpose of transporting military personnel from combat zones to their homes for a two-week vacation. The Kostroma region has set a precedent as the first region in Russia to invest in such buses, having previously relied on rented vehicles.

In an announcement published on their official website, the administration highlighted the features of these buses. The cabins boast spacious interiors with high ceilings, comfortable adjustable seats, air conditioning, and monitors for in-transit entertainment. Additionally, the buses are equipped with charging ports, ample luggage compartments, and CCTV cameras for enhanced security. These vehicles ensure the safe and comfortable travel of Kostroma regiments' servicemen between their duty stations and their homes.

Vladimir Mikhailov, an elected official from Kostroma, estimated the cost of each bus to be around 11 million rubles (137,600). In his opinion, these vehicles will be underused.

Since the start of the conflict in Ukraine, government officials have increasingly allocated budget funds to the needs of the military. In the Oryol Region, authorities redirected 100 million rubles ($1,252,000) intended for renovations to support the armed forces. Governor Andrei Klychkov justified this decision by stating that "subsidized regions" are unable to financially assist mobilized forces solely based on their own budgets.


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