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  2. A communist from Komi says that the law allowing for the electronic summons for military service was adopted with violations

A communist from Komi says that the law allowing for the electronic summons for military service was adopted with violations

The Duma passed a bill on April 11 that permits the electronic summoning of individuals subject to military service to appear at military registration and enlistment offices. The electronic summonses will be sent to a personal account on the Gosuslugi [State Service] website and upon receipt, individuals will not be permitted to leave Russia. Communist representative Oleg Mikhailov highlighted that the amendments were only introduced 40 minutes before the discussion, which he deemed a violation of regulations. In an interview with the 7x7 media, he expressed concerns over the lack of adequate time to review the amendments.

The Duma has passed a law amending the single registry of persons liable for military service and approved the introduction of electronic summonses for the military draft. The electronic summons will be sent to a personal account on the Gosudligi website, and thereafter considered given to the conscript. However, Communist party members Oleg Mikhailov, Nina Ostanina, and Nikolai Kolomeitsev have raised concerns that the law was passed with irregularities: the amendments were published only 40 minutes before the debate, giving the Communists insufficient time to read them. Consequently, they abstained from voting.

The authorities are limiting the options for citizens who hold negative views about the ongoing war and mobilization. Those who attempted to avoid conscription or fled the country in September now face a much narrower range of choices: comply or resist. As a result, citizens who are subject to conscription are left to find out on their own whether they have been drafted or not and in what capacity. "Essentially, the state is shifting its responsibilities onto its citizens," Mikhailov stated.

Despite public outcry, the authorities are unlikely to be swayed. The law will now be reviewed by the Federation Council. Communist Alexei Kurinnoy had suggested that each amendment be discussed. However, Duma Speaker Vyacheslav Volodin has warned him against "sabotaging decisions."

According to Mikhailov, while public opinion can have some impact, it is unlikely to influence the Defense Ministry's decisions. Any negative feedback is treated as tantamount to treason. Even if it does occur, the repercussions are unlikely to be significant.

Under the new law, electronic and paper summons will be issued to conscripts and all individuals liable for military service. Men will need to report to the recruitment center within 20 days of receiving the summons. If they do not reside at their registered address and do not use Gosuslugi, the summons will be considered received a week after it is sent. Those summoned will require permission from the military registration and enlistment office to leave Russia, and evaders will face restrictions such as being unable to leave the country, drive a car, sign real estate deals, take out loans or credits, register as self-employed individuals, or become self-employed. A single register of information about evaders will be created, and Russians will be informed of the restrictions through Gosuslugi. These restrictions will be lifted only if the conscript reports to the military registration and enlistment office.

Presidential spokesman Dmitry Peskov has clarified that these changes are not related to mobilization.



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