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  2. Single father of two children is mobilized in Ivanovo Oblast

Single father of two children is mobilized in Ivanovo Oblast

The conscript from Ivanovo raises two daughters alone
Source: https://www.ivanovonews.ru
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Dmitry Basov, a single father from the city of Rodniki, was mobilized and taken to the boot camp, although he raises two minor children. The military enlistment office could not help his relatives. The IvanovoNews Media Outlet reported this.

Dmitry Basov, the father of two girls from Rodniki, was conscribed on September 23. The man raises the children alone, because their mother is almost deprived of parental rights. Basov filed for divorce from his wife back in August, but registered it only on October 11.

Basov is currently in the 98th Division in Ivanovo, and his daughters live with his parents. The mother of the mobilized man wants to issue documents to prove that the man raised the children himself. The complaints of relatives were not considered either at the military enlistment office or at the mobilization hotline. Human rights advocates of Ivanovo contacted the family to help them.

There was a similar story in Kirov. A single father was raising his daughter after his wife’s death, and he was conscripted. But after his girlfriend's appeal to the governor, the mobilized man was returned home.


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