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  2. Court in Severodvinsk commits the accused of murdering cat Kuzya to a detention facility

Court in Severodvinsk commits the accused of murdering cat Kuzya to a detention facility

Valeria Soloshenko
Photo of the Severodvinsk Police Community on vk.com
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A court in Severodvinsk has committed Anna-Victoria Gromovich, a defendant in the case of animal cruelty, to a detention facility. She beat cat Kuzya to death together with her cohabitant Artyom Lavrentyev. According to investigators, she threatened the animal’s owner and the relatives of the cohabitant, who is also a defendant. Animal rights advocate Tatyana Khalina reported this to 7x7.

The Severodvinsk City Court has committed Anna-Victoria Gromovich, a local resident accused of murdering cat Kuzya, to a detention facility. As animal rights advocate Tatyana Khalina told 7x7, Gromovich messaged the animal’s owner, her cohabitant Artyom Lavrentyev’s mother, with threats. The investigation found out that the cohabitants had been torturing Kuzya consciously.

Anna-Victoria Gromovich and Artyom Lavrentyev are being tried for the torture of cat Kuzya, which they recorded and posted on the Internet. In 2021, Gromovich stole the cat from Lavrentyev's mother to take revenge on her. They tied up and beat the cat, burned its nose and pulled out its mustache, the animal's paws and tail were broken. The cat died after a week of torture.

After cat Kuzya’s death, animal rights advocates from different regions of the country demanded punishing the animal abusers: they held pickets, recorded video messages, launched the hashtag #ЯМыКузя (‘we and I are Kuzya’) and collected more than 100 thousand signatures under an appeal to the police of Arkhangelsk. The police opened a criminal case against Gromovich and Lavrentyev on animal cruelty (Part 2 of Article 254 of the Criminal Code of the Russian Federation).

Having learned about cat Kuzya's story, social activist Margarita Prudnikova suggested that the authorities amend the Civil Code of the Russian Federation, so that animals are not considered as property. She believes that Russia needs a state service for dealing with animal cruelty and shelters’ funding.


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