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  2. Two law firms win a professional award for supporting the defenders of Shies and Kushtau

Two law firms win a professional award for supporting the defenders of Shies and Kushtau

Ivan Zhuravkov
7x7’s archive ('We demand leaving Shies alone')
Photo by Kirill Shane

The KIAP Attorneys at Law and the Barrister Judicial Agency have become the winners of the Pravo (‘law’) 300 Federal Rating of Law Firms. Their lawyers represented opponents of the construction of a landfill at the Shies station in Arkhangelsk Oblast and protectors of Monadnock Kushtau against possible destruction for soda extraction in Bashkiriya. The information about the winners has been published on the contest’s website.

Both companies have won the rating’s special nomination, Pro bono (‘for the public good’), for helping activists free of charge. The Moscow KIAP Attorneys at Law, together with lawyer Alexander Kozenkov from Arkhangelsk and the administration of the village of Urdoma, proved the legality of the demolition of buildings at the station Shies through the court. It was planned to build a landfill for garbage from Moscow there, but officials abandoned this idea after 2.5 years of citizens’ protest.

Lawyers from the Barrister Company in Ufa advised the defenders of Monadnock (mountain) Kushtau, which the Bashkir Soda Company wanted to use for soda extraction. Opponents of this idea held protests and participated in fights with the company's security guards. Activists were threatened, fired, and detained by the police. As a result, after constant protests, the Head of Bashkiriya declared Kushtau a conservation area.

"Not the lawyers, but all fighters for the right of citizens to be masters on their land and for human dignity deserved the award. Because sooner or later, the rule of law and democracy will be restored throughout our large country," lawyer Alexander Kozenkov wrote.

Александр Козенков

Alexander Kozenkov at the awarding ceremony. Photo from his personal page on vk.com

The Pravo 300 Rating’s winners have been determined in 37 categories. The BGP Litigation Attorneys at Law have won in the Protection of Reputation Category. The organization’s lawyers proved through the court that journalist Ekaterina Fyodorova from Vladivostok had had the right to tell in social networks about the violence she had experienced. That is how the court confirmed that women's right to a life free from gender-based violence was inextricably linked to the right to freedom of expression.

The Pravo.ru Company Group founded the annual Pravo 300 Legal Rating more than 10 years ago. This firm is known for having developed a legal reference system of the same name and specialized software for working with caselaw materials. For example, Pravo.ru’s specialists have developed such databases as the Commercial Case File Database and the E-Justice System.


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