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  2. In Komi, deputies oppose promoting QR codes in the media and imposing an "electronic mark"

In Komi, deputies oppose promoting QR codes in the media and imposing an "electronic mark"

Sofia Bogatkina
7x7’s archive

Deputies of the Communist Party’s Pechora branch have filed an appeal with the Prosecutor of the Komi Republic with a demand to check the legality of imposing mandatory vaccinations and a QR-code system in the region. They see the imposition of restrictive measures as a violation of basic constitutional rights to freedom of movement, work, etc. The deputies demanded that the prosecutor stop the actions of the head and chief health inspector of the region due to abuse of office. Deputy Alexei Gromov told 7x7 about this.

On July 6, Lyudmila Glushkova, the chief health inspector of the region, issued a decree on the imposition of mandatory vaccination for the workers of trade, catering, social sphere, public transport, etc. On October 26, Vladimir Uyba, the head of the Komi Republic, signed a decree on the imposition of a QR-code system in the region. Residents can go to theaters, cinemas and other events only if they have a certificate of vaccination. The head of Komi also restricted the work of cafés, restaurants, bars, sports and recreation centers, fitness clubs and shops (except for grocery stores and pharmacies) during the non-working days.

The deputies of the Communist Party’s branch opposed the resolutions and pointed out in an appeal to the Prosecutor of the republic that the authorities were violating "basic constitutional rights and freedoms" by imposing QR codes, in particular the right to work, personal and health privacy, the right to freedom of movement, etc.

"We are not against vaccinations themselves. We are against mandatory vaccination and advocate voluntary vaccination. Because of the decree of the head of the republic, I can no longer get some services, for example, go to a multifunctional center (MFC). This violates, first, my right to free movement according to the Constitution. Someone will have such rights, but someone else will not. The right of access to cultural values is violated, for example, that only people with certificates can go to cinemas. And of course, medical privacy. Why on earth should I show someone my vaccination document?" Alexei Gromov, one of the deputies who signed the appeal, told 7x7.

In the document, the communists also noted that the imposition of QR codes could discriminate against people by "the presence of some kind of electronic mark." Deputies are outraged that the country that has defeated fascism is trying to impose a system of QR codes. In their opinion, a "propaganda campaign", which is aimed at reaching 80% of those vaccinated, rather than defeating coronavirus, has been launched in the media.

The deputies demanded that Nikolai Egorov, the prosecutor of Komi, check the legality of the actions of the state health inspector and the head of the republic. They believe that Uyba and Glushkova ignore the rights and freedoms of citizens of the region, thereby destabilizing a regime.

Residents of other regions are against QR codes and mandatory vaccination. For example, residents of Vologda have collected more than 6 thousand signatures under an appeal against mandatory vaccination against coronavirus and the imposition of QR codes, which they filed with the President of Russia and the governor of the region, as well as with the Ministry of Health of Russia, the Prosecutor General's Office, Rospotrebnadzor (Russian Federal State Agency for Health and Consumer Rights) and the Prosecutor's Office of Vologda Oblast.

Social activists of KhMAD demanded that Evgeny Botvinkin, the prosecutor of the region, clarify the legality of the decree on mandatory vaccination against coronavirus imposed by Maya Solovyova, the head of the local Rospotrebnadzor. And in Karelia, the Parents' Union filed a statement, demanding to lift restrictions on entry to hospitals, schools, cultural and sports institutions, with republican prosecutor Dmitry Kharchenkov.


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