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  2. In Petrozavodsk, a writer who quoted Kipling during his detention at a rally in support of Navalny was fined

In Petrozavodsk, a writer who quoted Kipling during his detention at a rally in support of Navalny was fined

Alexander Gnetnev
Sergei Filenko
Photo by Alexander Gnetnev

On June 23, the Petrozavodsk City Court fined writer and carpenter Sergei Filenko for 5 thousand rubles for violating the established procedure for conducting a public event. At the rally in support of politician Alexei Navalny in spring, on April 21, he stood with a poster, "Russia will be happy", and while the police were detaining him, he was reciting a poem by Kipling. Filenko told 7x7 about the judgment.

Olga Kaigorodova, a judge of the Petrozavodsk City Court, found Sergei Filenko guilty of committing an administrative offense under Part 5 of Article 20.2 of the Administrative Code and fined him for 5 thousand rubles.

"It seems to me that I am a working man, who, like a working ant, was crawling on a moss pillow made of sphagnum. And the state, like a stupid, angry boy, is trying to trample [me] down with its foot. First, I dropped a stick from my mandibles, then I dropped a caterpillar. But it is impossible to kill me this way. But this is this angry, stupid boy who is misbehaving, not me," Filenko gave a comment to 7x7.

According to lawyer Natalia Chernova, who represented Filenko before the court, her client has not committed any administrative offense.

"Of course, it is necessary to go through judicial instances in order to try to see justice done," Chernova told 7x7.

The police detained Filenko at an uncoordinated rally in support of Alexei Navalny, which was held in Kirov Square in Petrozavodsk on April 21. Filenko stood at the rally with a poster, "Russia will be happy".

Police officers claimed that the detainee had participated in an action that had not been coordinated by the authorities, sung songs, held a poster, claiming people’s attention, while ignoring the repeated demands of law enforcement officers to stop doing this.

When being detained, Sergei Filenko was reciting If by Rudyard Kipling: he was reciting the poem while the security forces were dragging him to a prison truck. Earlier, the police detained Filenko at another uncoordinated rally in support of Navalny: the event was held in winter.


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