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  2. Transgender Nazar Gulevich will be extradited to Belarus and banned to enter Russia

Transgender Nazar Gulevich will be extradited to Belarus and banned to enter Russia

Nazar Gulevich
Photo from Nazar Gulevich’s page on vk.com

Transgender Nazar Gulevich, who is currently serving a sentence in Tver Oblast, will be extradited to Belarus on the day of his release. President of the Center for Legal Assistance and Education Tatyana Sukhareva reported this on Facebook on May 6. She noted that this was a violation of human rights, since the sentence did not specify extradition and a ban on entering Russia as additional punitive measures.

Nazar Gulevich's sentence ends on May 27. On this day, he will be allowed to see his wife for two minutes as he leaves the detention center, then transported to the Federal Detention Center for Foreign Nationals and extradited to Belarus with a ban on entering Russia for eight years as an undesirable citizen.

Tatyana Sukhareva pointed out that Gulevich was married to a Russian citizen and had a registration in Russia. His sentence does not provide for extradition and a ban on entering Russia.

"Thus, the migration service is crudely violating Article 8 of the Convention in relation to both spouses, and it is also a violation of Article 13 in relation to Nazar, since the decision is a clear discrimination on the grounds of transness. He is not a political prisoner, and he is not charged with attempting an insurrection, extremism or terrorism, or with financing such activities. He has not commited any crimes against the state, even if you believe the accusatory theory," the human rights advocate said.

She supposes that Gulevich will most likely be in a men's cell of the Federal Detention Center for Foreign Nationals, since there are no solitary confinements there, and he is identified as a man in his documents.

Nazar Gulevich was born a woman. In 2008, he began a gender transition stage by having his mammary glands removed. In 2018, he was detained in a fraud case and accused of swindling (Part 4 of Article 159 of the Criminal Code of the Russian Federation). Gulevich was sentenced to 4.5 years in prison on July 27, 2020. He spent almost two years in a solitary confinement of the Pechatniki Prison for women in Moscow. In February, the Moscow City Court commuted Gulevich's sentence to four years in prison.


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