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  2. Trial on sharing a post in support of Navalny commenced against a mother with many children in Petrozavodsk

Trial on sharing a post in support of Navalny commenced against a mother with many children in Petrozavodsk

Andrei Makarov
Elena Moshchitskaya
Photo by Andrei Makarov

On April 19, the Petrozavodsk City Court took up a case against Elena Moshchitskaya, a mother of many children who had reposted a video about a peaceful march on January 31. She is charged with arranging an unagreed public event (Part 2 of Article 20.2 of the Administrative Code). The woman told 7x7’s correspondent about it after a court hearing.

Elena Moshchitskaya shared a video about the peaceful march on January 31 (this is a video in support of opposition politician Alexei Navalny, which, according to the woman, was not calling anyone for anything). A district police officer called her a few days after the repost, and a little later, the Department for Countering Extremism’s employees visited her at work acting as customers.

An administrative case was initiated against the woman because of the repost. She faces a fine of 10 to 30 thousand rubles. Elena Moshchitskaya has four children, she has been on paid leave after childbirth for the last seven years, her husband and she are expecting their fifth child. She did not participate in the action on January 31, although she does not deny her sharing the video on vk.com. The woman added that she had seen the announcement of a new campaign in support of Navalny, but she is not going to share it on the social network.

“I feel that I will not share it. Because I have kids. Definitely not on vk.com. I am going to talk about it, I am going to discuss it, but I have realized that the things were very simple: here is the video, here is the trial, here is the case and the fine. And everything is so easy. I have a lot of friends and acquaintances in other cities though, and it is more difficult there in terms of liability. But we have a small town. You see, I did not invite anyone, and you are already here. I do not want a lot of publicity, because my child goes to school,” she said.

The next hearing on the case is going to be held on May 12.


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