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Art exhibition about the unspoken opened in Murmansk

Lyubov Kholodilina
Photo by Lyubov Kholodilina

On March 27, Darya Drobushevskaya's research exhibition "Everything I Want to Say" opened in the Center 21a space of contemporary art in Murmansk. The young artist collected and published her own experiences put on paper and invited guests to share their unspoken experiences. This was reported by 7x7’s journalist, who attended the opening of the exhibition.

As Darya Drobushevskaya explained, each of the presented paintings illustrates situations from her life that are shown metaphorically in different ways. The key, recurrent, and connecting image of the exhibition is the house — as a symbol of the fact that emotions are inside us.

“My artistic method is to talk about something inside me using the pictures,” said Darya. “I will not be able to invent a new world, to draw a post-society. Everything that is inside me is here.”

Drobushevskaya's works are made of different materials and in different techniques. Pen and pencil sketches, clippings, scans, glass, trash, photos, belongings — everything that is at hand at the right time is used.

“If I feel the need to draw right now, I do not really think how to do it, it just comes naturally. Right there and then,” the artist explained.


Installations which help erase the boundaries between the author and the viewer are another feature of the format created by Darya. For example, there is a "publicity booth" - a specially allocated isolated space in which visitors can hide away for a personal dialogue. There is also a table with painting materials – anyone can use them to draw their own unspoken story and complement the exhibition.

The guests of the opening day at least found Drobushevskaya's style interesting, and the works caused a robust discussion.

“Dasha actually opens her interior for any person like an intimate diary, showing at the same time the very essence of the fact that nothing within her is easy, although, of course, everything echoes with some childhood, even her drawing style reminds me of childhood. And all this reminds me of a map from childhood, a map that leads home through all the events of life and, in fact, creates this life,” Yuri Taralov, one of the organizers of the exhibition, shared his impressions.


According to Elena Burnaza, the mediator of the opening day, a well-known social and political activist in the town, it was the first exhibition of such format in Murmansk, and therefore it is of great importance for the contemporary art of the region and for other artists.

“Dasha does not have the means to draw something on large canvases,” the activist noted. “She has got a more direct, lively style, it is more personal. Here are pages literally scanned from a sketchbook, which she has not transferred to the easels. You can do this, and you can exhibit and communicate with the audience like this.”

You can attend Darya Drobushevskaya’s exhibition "Everything I Want to Say" at Center 21a from March 27 to April 17.

Murmansk artist Darya Drobushevskaya became famous in 2019, when she initiated the publication of the almanac “Ne 212” in support of the defendants in the “Moscow case”. She is a member of the local Kostyor Feminist Organization.


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