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  2. Nochlezhka released a guideline on how to open a homeless shelter

Nochlezhka released a guideline on how to open a homeless shelter

Yulia Polushina
Photo by Ekaterina Malysheva

The Nochlezhka (‘homeless shelter’) Philanthropy Organization, which helps homeless people, has released a guideline on how to open a rehabilitation shelter, how much money it requires and what legal aspects need to be observed. This was reported in Nochlezhka’s community on vk.com on Friday, January 8.

The authors of the guideline are employees of the organization from St. Petersburg Natalia Shavlokhova and Asya Suvorova.

"The Nochlezhka Philanthropy Civic Organization has been providing humanitarian, social, legal assistance to homeless people since 1990. Nochlezhka’s rehabilitation shelter opened in 1992. The purpose of settling in the shelter is to help a homeless person solve the situation and resume a normal existence. In this guideline, speaking from 30 years of experience, we have outlined the main issues and problems that organizations, which decide to start such a project, will most likely have to face," the authors of the guideline wrote.

In the guideline, they say how volunteers choose whom to settle, what tasks are solved during clients’ stay in the shelter, about the psychological service management, the employment of the Nochlezhka’s care recipients and what happens after clients leave the rehabilitation shelter.

The guideline provides recommendations on how to choose a place, equip rooms and common areas, arrange meals and leisure for care recipients and also states which legal aspects should be taken into account if a philanthropy organization decides to open a shelter.

You can read the guideline here.


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