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  2. In Arkhangelsk Oblast, police seized four thousand leaflets about protests at Shies

In Arkhangelsk Oblast, police seized four thousand leaflets about protests at Shies

Ivan Zhuravkov

In Kotlas (Arkhangelsk Oblast), police seized 4 thousand leaflets with slogan "Hands off Shies." A woman, who carried the propaganda materials and asked not to mention her name, reported this to 7x7.

She noted that she was taking the leaflets to her friends "to burn them", because they have already lost their relevance by now, since Alexander Tsybulsky, the acting governor of the region, had assured everyone that there would be no garbage landfill at Shies. According to the carrier, police officers stopped her car and asked to show the leaflets. They explained their actions with an anonymous call. Two hours later, police officers drew up a report and seized the leaflets:

— They drew up a protocol of seizure which I did not agree with, because it was my property. As a result, they seized all the leaflets, and I was informed that they would later invite me to the department for a conversation. I think that the police seized these leaflets by order of the authorities, so that other people would not read them, although there is no extremism in them.

The leaflets (7x7 has a copy of one of them) told, in particular, about the criminal proceedings against the opponents of the landfill at Shies and preventing Oleg Mandrykin, the candidate from the Yabloko Party, from running for governor. He was recommended by the Stop-Shies Environmental Coalition.

The construction of a landfill began at station Shies on the border of Arkhangelsk Oblast and the Komi Republic in the summer of 2018 without permits. Residents of the two regions protested against the facility, and activists organized duties on the eco-watch (a tent camp near the construction site of the landfill). In December 2019, it became known that Moscow had not included Shies in its territorial waste management scheme for the next 10 years.


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