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  2. Eco-activists of Kirov set up "waste cashback" for residents who collect waste separately

Eco-activists of Kirov set up "waste cashback" for residents who collect waste separately

Alexandra Korobeynikova
Waste sorting in Kirov
Photo from vk.com/eco_sosedi

Residents of Kirov who sort and recycle waste are going to get discounts in shops, driver training schools, and other companies of the region via the mobile app. Participants of the Vyatka Without Garbage Organization decided to organize such a format of the waste sorting promotion.

The Head of the Vyatka Without Garbage Organization Anastasia Skurikhina announced the start of the "waste cashback" system during a live broadcast on vk.com. The initiative is being implemented on the basis of the CityLife mobile app developed by the company of the same name from Saint Petersburg. Authorized users can get discounts and benefits from partner companies.

This has already been practiced by Vyatka Without Garbage, but in offline format. The organization's volunteers used to distribute branded paper coupons to residents of Kirov, who handed over recyclable materials, at their actions of collecting recyclables. They could be used at partner shops to get a discount for goods. However, as Anastasia Skurikhina explained, this was not very convenient, because people lost or even forged coupons.

Individual QR codes available through the mobile app will serve as the digital equivalent of coupons. The community of the Vyatka Without Garbage Organization on vk.com will share a QR code for users to sign up in the system. It is assumed that all members of the community are engaged in waste sorting.

— It's okay if someone sends this QR code to someone else, because this is our people’s network, — said Anastasia Skurikhina.

More than 180 companies have already signed up in the system which is going to provide discounts, benefits, and cashback in Kirov. These include driver training schools, food delivery services, bakeries, and shops that sell office supplies, clothing, and toys.

The idea to implement “waste cashback" system was suggested by participants of a brainstorming session  which was dedicated to the problem of eco-friendly household waste recycling and took place in the programmers’ village near Kirov in August 2019.


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