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  2. 7x7’s correspondent was blocked in a quarry in Petrozavodsk

7x7’s correspondent was blocked in a quarry in Petrozavodsk

Alya Gratch, Sergey Markelov
The taxi that brought 7x7’s correspondent and activists to the quarry
Photo by Alya Gratch
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7x7’s correspondent Alya Gratch and some activists from Petrozavodsk were blocked in a quarry near the village of Vilga. Local activists believe that soil is being disposed there from the Kamenny Bor Park where human remains had been found.

According to Gratch, the grader-operator piled some dirt on the way out of the quarry and blocked the taxi car that the activists came by.

— I approached him and said, "Remove the pile." He said, "No, because they are going to deal with you." I asked, "Who?" He closed the window and did not speak to me again, - Alya Gratch reported.

Karelian activist Alexei Kles believes that the builders are destroying evidence.

— A private security car arrived and stopped in front of us. A lawyer, Olga Tuzhikova, came to us, she was also blocked at the entrance by two graders, and she came to us on foot. We came here to take video of how they had disposed waste here. They have started disposing the pile of bones today. The Investigative Committee is carrying out an inspection without stopping the construction job, and they are disposing them and destroying evidence. They have already disposed half of the Kamenny Bor. This soil is infected, it should definitely not be dumped at the quarry, — he told 7x7.

It is planned to build a sports and recreation center and a kindergarten in the Kamenny Bor Park. The felling of trees, opposed by local activist, began there for this purpose this February. Prosecutor’s office found several violations when issuing permits for the land clearing and passed on recommendation to the Mayor’s office due to the complaint of the Kamenny Bor Park’s defenders. Moreover, the pre-investigation check is being carried out in order to estimate damage caused by cutting down the trees in the Kamenny Bor Park. The park was a scene of the Great Patriotic War, activists believe the remains that were found here in the end of April might belong to soldiers of the Red Army.


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