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  2. Anti-garbage activists of Komi demanded that new Head of the region Uyba "express his opinion on Shies"

Anti-garbage activists of Komi demanded that new Head of the region Uyba "express his opinion on Shies"

Daniil Kuznetsov
Rally in Syktyvkar against the landfill at Shies
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In the capital of Komi, activists of the Ecobessrochkа Syktyvkar (termless eco-campaign) demanded that the acting Head of the region speak about the future of the landfill construction at station Shies at the border with Arkhangelsk Oblast. It was stated in their community "Syktyvkar Walks" on April 6.

Anti-garbage activists of Syktyvkar from the STOP-SHIES Coalition pointed out that their association had been created due to the need to remind the authorities about the problem of the construction of the Ecotechnopark Shies which, according to environmentalists, could become “an environmental problem” for the region.

"Our government has shown its real attitude towards the concerns and problems of ordinary people: the Shies Project was suspended, but the waste oligarchs did not give up on its implementation and are simply sitting tight, and the government still does not do anything to trully solve the problem, does not give any signals to the society that it hears its requests," the activists wrote.

They demanded that the acting Head of the Komi Republic, Vladimir Uyba, express his opinion on the Shies Project and stop its implementation.

"We also demand a review of the waste management reforming on the territory of the Komi Republic and the real, not imaginary, introduction of separate waste collection and supporting measures," the activists of Syktyvkar added.

The former Head of the Komi Republic, Sergey Gaplikov, resigned on April 2, and Vladimir Uyba, the Deputy Minister of Health, was appointed to take charge instead.

This happened in the midst of a coronavirus infection scandal in the Ezhva hospital.

Protests around the landfill construction at Shies began in late 2018, mass protests against the construction of a new landfill were held in several cities of Northern Russia in April 2019.


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