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  2. The Prosecutor-General's Office demanded canceling a fine for a resident of Kotlas for contempt to Governor Orlov

The Prosecutor-General's Office demanded canceling a fine for a resident of Kotlas for contempt to Governor Orlov

Daniil Kuznetsov
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The former Deputy Prosecutor General challenged a fine for a resident of Kotlas, who was punished for several comments about the Governor of Arkhangelsk Oblast in 2019 within the context of his statements about "shelupon" (‘rubbish’), in the Supreme Court of Russia. This was reported by human rights activist Pavel Chikov on February 25.

Before his resignation, Deputy Prosecutor General Leonid Korzhinek challenged administrative punishment for Svetlana Baksheeva, a saleswoman from Kotlas who had left mocking comments about Governor Igor Orlov. Korzhinek did not find corpus delicti in the case, because "showing disrespect to federal, regional, local authorities, their divisions and officials and deputies is not an object of the contempt." The Supreme Court demanded the case files for review.

According to Pavel Chikov, this is the first time the Prosecutor-General's Office takes such steps in cases of contempt. Before that, Baksheeva managed to file a complaint against the decisions of the Russian authorities to the European Court of Human Rights (ECHR) with the help of the lawyers of Agora.

In September 2019, having sent complaints to the ECHR, Deputy Prosecutor of Arkhangelsk Oblast Sergey Akulitch already opposed the punishment of Baksheeva for comments about Orlov on vk.com. She was fined for 30 thousand rubles.

According to Agora's lawyers, in Baksheeva's case, users of vk.com have started using an administrative article on contempt against each other for the sake of personal revenge for conflicts in social networks.

The law on liability for obvious contempt went into effect in April 2019. Users of the Internet, against which it was used most often, called the measure "Klishas’s law" (after its initiator).

Human rights activists estimated that the police had not always been able to apply and bring to punishment the article on contempt.


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