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  2. Karelian activists decided to fight against the felling of trees in the Kamenny Bor Town Park. It is planned to build a motocross track and kindergarten there

Karelian activists decided to fight against the felling of trees in the Kamenny Bor Town Park. It is planned to build a motocross track and kindergarten there

Vasilisa Altynnikova
Photo: The Kamenny Bor Park| vk.com/parkkamennyibor

On February 15, workers cut down several trees in the Kamenny Bor (‘Stone Forest’) Park in Petrozavodsk. It is planned to build a kindergarten and motocross track on the territory. Some citizens opposed it — they believe that the territory is not suitable for such objects and it should be kept a recreation area. Activists are preparing appeals to the President and public authorities. They reported about it in community "The Kamenny Bor Park" on vk.com.

Kamenny Bor is considered to be the "lungs of the neighborhood": it is located next to the town's stone quarry. SU-149 LLC started cutting down trees around the park to build a motocross track and a kindergarten. Information about plans to build a motorsporting complex is available in the territory plan, which is available to activists. Residents complained about the felling to the administration of Petrozavodsk, but they replied that the work was legal.

Opponents of cutting down trees and building two new objects created community "The Kamenny Bor Park” on vk.com. Using it, they decided to appeal to the Head of the Republic of Karelia Artur Parfenchikov with a request to suspend the construction.

"We are preparing a community appeal to Russian President Vladimir Putin to the State Duma, the Chief State Prosecutor, the media, the Court of Human Rights and all possible instances. We are not ready to put up with arbitrariness. Mass protest events in the town remain possible. We will stand up for our forest. Support us!"- residents of the town addressed Parfenchikov in community "The Kamenny Bor Park".

Petrozavodsk residents note that the project land is not suitable for construction: there is a busy Klyuchevskoe highway along the cutting line, and there is a stone cliff into a quarry on the other side of the cutting line.

— The building owner is the state which has already held a competition for contracted works [in 2019, this territory participated in a competition for the improvement of public areas], and the government funds everything. I don't know the details. I read in the media that there were all the permits and examinations. They have already cut down everything and are building a kindergarten. And we are trying to oppose the motocross track, — Irina Sozonchuk, the founder of community "The Kamenny Bor Park" from Petrozavodsk, told 7x7.

Instead of motocross, citizens suggest building bike paths, a section with fitness equipment, volleyball court, ropes course, tourist camp or playground for dog handlers. There is also a site of memory for Petrozavodsk residents — the grave of Yasha Stepanov (the boy who died during the Great Patriotic War) — in the area of cutting down.

According to karelinform.ru, a new kindergarten will have been built in the Klyuchevaya district in Petrozavodsk by September 30, 2020. The building will be located at the intersection of Repnikov street and Klyuchevskoye highway. As the newspaper notes, many local residents are dissatisfied with the choice of location for construction, as they believe that the kindergarten will be located directly on the territory of the Kamenny Bor Park. Some of them even doubt that a preschool will be built, since, according to the SanRaN, kindergartens should not be located near the highway. They fear that a fashionable block of flats or a shopping center will be built there instead of a social institution.


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