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  2. Action in support of the Set* case convicts was held in Kirkenes, Norway

Action in support of the Set* case convicts was held in Kirkenes, Norway

Alexander Borisov, photo by the author
Tatyana Britskaya at the Russian Consulate General in Norway
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Russian journalists who arrived at the Barents Spectacle Festival organized a rally in support of the convicts in the Set* (‘Network’) case and political prisoners in Russia at the Russian Consulate General in the Norwegian city of Kirkenes, the correspondent of 7x7 covering the festival reported on February 14.

Tatyana Britskaya, the participant of the action, told 7x7:

- Today is the single day of solidarity with political prisoners in Russia. Solidarity is our only chance to stop the repressive machine that is already running. If today we do not support the Set* prisoners, prisoners of the New Greatness who are called members of ban despite the fact that these organizations have never existed, if today we do not support environmental activists who are forced to leave the country, like Drevarkh, if we do not support journalist Svetlana Prokopyeva from Pskov, all those who are innocent, tomorrow they will come for us. The dragon follows the smell of fear. We will win when we stop being afraid.

86 years is the total time to which the Privolzhsky District Military Court sentenced seven defendants in the Penza Set* case on February 10. The FSB opened a criminal case on the terrorist association in the autumn of 2017. Those accused of terrorism declared their innocence and that they had admitted to preparing for the overthrow of the state system under torture.

*Set (‘Network’) is a terrorist organization banned in Russia.


* В материале упомянута организация , деятельность которой запрещена в РФ
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