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  2. Organizers of the Barents Pride from Murmansk and Karelia suggested supporters of the LGBT movement voting for the Norwegian singer in the selection for the Eurovision

Organizers of the Barents Pride from Murmansk and Karelia suggested supporters of the LGBT movement voting for the Norwegian singer in the selection for the Eurovision

Igor Potapov

The Equality Dignity Pride initiative interregional group of Murmansk and Karelia against the stigma called on supporters to participate in online voting for Lisa Vasilyeva and support her nomination to represent Norway in the Eurovision Song Contest with the song I'm Gay. This was reported to the correspondent of 7x7 by the activists on February 11.

- Liza's performance is a manifesto in support of all those who are abused in Russia! This is our voice that rushes across borders! This is the voice of Yulia Tsvetkova who is under house arrest for LGBT activism, this is the voice of Michell who has got under the wheels of hatred and stupidity, this is the voice of the guy who was killed at the Kursk railway station, and thousands of Russian citizens, — Valentina Likhoshva, one of the leaders of the initiative group, told 7x7.

Liza Vasilyeva has already won the semi-final of the national selection. Norway will finally choose its representative on Saturday, February 15. A citizen of any country can vote for Liza during the selection. Membership on NRK.no is required; on Saturday evening, through the channels and community site, the members will get a link to vote. You can chat with Liza Vasilyeva on Facebook.

Music critic Yevgeny Babichev gave an opinion in the interview to the 360 TV Channel that Russia could refuse to participate in the contest because of its unwillingness to be criticized on the stage of the international competition. According to Babichev, during the Eurovision, Vasilyeva can say that she had to leave Russia because of her "nonstandard orientation", and the Eurovision organizers will be happy to give her this opportunity in order to get additional attention to the contest.

Valentina Likhoshva agreed that Liza Vasilyeva's performance was political, and that is why she considers it important to support the performer:

— Yes, this is a political performance. Yes, this is a way to improve the country and revive its humanity. And yes, I think we just have to support brave and talented Liza. Since she should feel our participation and that we are proud of her! I am eternally grateful for her courage and her talent. Because you can hear the voice of all of us in Liza's beautiful song! This is our common manifesto song, — Valentina Likhoshva told 7x7.

The Equality Dignity Pride (EDP) initiative group was formed in the spring of 2019. It includes journalists, lawyers, and psychologists - both representatives of the LGBT community and those who consider it important to protect the interests of groups that are often marginalized in Russia (about 15 people in total). In October 2019, the group co-organized the third Barents pride in Kirkenes (Norway) for LGBT people from Russia. In 2020, EDP will become the main organizer from Russia. Celebrities will be invited to the event to protect the rights and interests of LGBT+. Lisa Vasilyeva will probably take part in it as well.


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