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  2. In Kirov Oblast, the police visited a resident of the village of Lubyagino protesting against a landfill

In Kirov Oblast, the police visited a resident of the village of Lubyagino protesting against a landfill

Photo by Elena Zholobova
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Vyacheslav Tsaryuk, an activist protesting against the construction of waste sorting and processing facility near the village of Lubyagino in the suburbs of Kirov, was visited by police officers on February 9. He told the correspondent of 7x7 about it. Security forces demanded Tsaryuk’s explanation of the mass gathering in the village of Lubyagino on February 2.

The district militia officer arrived at the activist's house immediately after the presentation of the waste recycling integrated facility in the village of Shutovshchina during which Vyacheslav Tsaryuk, the representative of the village community of the Fedyakovsky village settlement, along with other local residents, voted against the construction of the enterprise and tried to hold a people's gathering.  According to him, after the end of the event, a police officer approached him and tried to pull him aside to give an explanation. Seeing this, other participants — residents of the village — surrounded him and tried to intervene in the situation.

— They said that they would not let the police take me off, and demanded to talk to me then and there, — said Vyacheslav Tsaryuk. — I told the police officer that I was ready to come and give an explanation on a subpoena. Then I went home. Then I got a call from Shutovshchina and was told that the police had left in the direction of my house in Lubyagino. Other residents immediately started coming to my house [to support and monitor the actions of the police]. When the police arrived, they began to ask the district police officer why only I was asked about the people’s gathering. I said that I would give explanations in their [the villagers'] presence.

Vyacheslav noted that he had no claims to the police. The district police officer was just working the report to find out why there was a large crowd of people near the village hall in Lubyagino on February 2. According to the explanations of Vyacheslav Tsaryuk, on this day, a meeting organized by the regional government on the extension of the landfill was held with the residents of the surrounding villages where more than 450 people live. It was supposed to take place in the village hall, but the building could accommodate no more than 50 people. According to Vyacheslav Tsaryuk, the police officer had no claims. He does not expect them in the future.

— We operate in the legal framework, we do not organize any provocations and unauthorized events, — he explained.

The authorities of Kirov Oblast want to build «an integrated municipal waste management facility» in the Kirovo-Chepetsk district. A site two kilometers from the border of the regional center next to the already existing Lubyagino Landfill was chosen for this purpose. The construction is approximately to begin in the summer of 2022. Residents of the village of Lubyagino and other localities near the landfill opposed the construction of the facility and demanded that such facilities be placed in remote uninhabited places.

The meeting of villagers with representatives of the regional government about plans for the facility construction was to be held at the Lubyagino village hall on February 2. However, the hall's building was not heated and could accommodate only 50 people, and about 400 people came to the meeting — not only residents of Lubyagino, but also of the neighborhoods of Kirov which are the nearest to the village and the landfill near it. The presentation was disrupted. Two meetings were held in the Raduzhny district and the village of Shutovshchina on February 9 instead.



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