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  2. The Teploobmen Center for Humanitarian Aid opened in Petrozavodsk

The Teploobmen Center for Humanitarian Aid opened in Petrozavodsk

Alya Gratch, photos by the author
Yuliya Zaytseva

The Teploobmen (’Heat Exchange’) Center for Humanitarian Aid will help people in need in Petrozavodsk, the correspondent of 7x7 reported on January 28.

Yulia Zaitseva, who runs a charity shop, started the center. She told 7x7 that she was motivated by a desire to help those in need in a more targeted way:

- Sometimes they call and ask for tights for a child of a certain age, but we do not sell such things in the Teploobmen, you need to root about the bags, look for them, it won’t be quick. Everything is already hung and laid out on the shelves here, the assortment is not the same as such in the store, you can come and choose exactly the things that you, your children or other relatives need.


A resident of Petrozavodsk has provided the place for Yulia’s center by gratuitous lease, citizens bring the stuff. «Teploboxes» (‘heat boxes’, boxes where you can bring unnecessary things in good condition for charity) are placed in different parts of the city. In the center, you can get men's, women's, children's clothing, office supplies, books, toys, canes, diapers for children and adults, dishes, strollers, cribs, as well as personal hygiene means and food.


The center also started receiving non-perishable food: pasta, cereals, canned food, vegetable oil, tea, baby food, sugar, and cookies.

Large families, single mothers, families with children who have lost a breadwinner, families with a substandard income, parents of children with disabilities, guardians of children with disabilities, former children from orphan homes under 30, pensioners, disabled people, people with official protected status, fire victims, employees of charitable foundations and social workers can apply for help in the center.


When receiving humanitarian aid, you must provide indigence proof. You can ask for help once a month.

The center is open on weekdays from 14:00 to 17:00 at Petrozavodsk, Neubrandenburgskaya str., 25 address. All details can be found in the Center’s community on vk.com.


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