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  2. "Off with social stock-raising." Bryansk feminists held pickets in support of the bill on the domestic violence prevention

"Off with social stock-raising." Bryansk feminists held pickets in support of the bill on the domestic violence prevention

Ivan Zhuravkov, photo of the Fem / Bryansk Community
Collage by Kirill Shuchalin
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Two feminists from Bryansk Oksana and Nika (they asked not to mention their last names) held one-person pickets in the city center against domestic violence and in support of the adoption of the law on its prevention. They had some leaflets, they pasted them up later. This was reported on January 19 in the Fem / Bryansk Community on vk.com.

Feminist's leaflets said: "We need a working law that protects from domestic violence, that is applied in keeping with its spirit, not the letter! No abuse!", "Think about the quality of the population, not its number! Off with social stock-raising. We are not pigs", "A family based on violence is a torture chamber for all participants and a factory for future sadists", "We do not need a family based on fear and violence".

Oksana, participant of the action, told 7x7 that the feminists of Bryansk had previously pasted up leaflets, distributed information materials against gender-based violence in parks, and held an action about the importance of women's contribution to victory in the Great Patriotic War. On January 19, the action in support of the law on prevention of domestic violence was organized for the second time:

- There is an ambiguous attitude to this bill in society, it is even being demonized by certain forces, and information that angles the regulations of the bill is being distributed. We decided to draw attention to this problem from the point of view that victims of domestic violence are practically not protected by law at the moment.

According to the activist, there are many problems related to gender-based discrimination and violence in society: rape culture, accusations of victims of violence, unwanted and persistent harassment of women, devaluation of their work, shifting most of the household responsibilities and raising children to women, disparity in the rates of men's and women's pay, exteriorization of women, the list of prohibited professions, everyday sexism based on gender stereotypes, and others.

When asked by 7x7 why the Fem / Bryansk community is private, Oksana replied that the administrators had made it private the day before due to the "rush of aggressive people" after the action had been widely publicized, because the previous ones did not attract as much attention. She assured that the group would be public soon.

According to the Ministry of Internal Affairs, 40% of all serious violent crimes in Russia are committed in the family. The law on domestic violence was developed five years ago, but its consideration has been delayed.

The Federation Council published the draft law on the prevention of domestic violence on November 29 for public discussion. This is a short version of the bill, which was developed by an initiative group in the Presidential Council for Human Rights together with public organizations for the protection of women's rights. Experts interviewed by Novaya Gazeta criticized it for its shortcomings.

On December 21, members of the Sorok Sorokov (‘Multitude’) Movement stood in prayers against the adoption of the law on domestic violence in more than 40 cities and villages.


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