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  2. Severomorsk animal advocates raised money for feedstuff for homeless cats and dogs and found owners for them

Severomorsk animal advocates raised money for feedstuff for homeless cats and dogs and found owners for them

Valeriya Antonenko, photos by the author

The second charity carnival "New Year at Home" was held in Severomorsk, Murmansk Oblast, on December 15. This year, not only cats had the chance to find owners, but also dogs, said the correspondent of 7x7 who had visited the carnival.


The idea of the carnival was developed by the Whiskers, Paws and Tail Foundation in cooperation with the Nadezhda (‘Hope’) Animal Shelter and volunteers from the Triumph Amateur Association of Creative Youth.

In November, the Triumph Club held a campaign in which volunteers collected more than 5 thousand rubles for homeless cats within a few hours. They bought cat food, toys and other accessories using this money. After working together, the Club continued to cooperate with the Foundation and help it.

In early December, volunteer of the Triumph Svetlana Kolupaeva received a grant in the form of subsidies for the New Year at Home Project. Charity carnival was held on the basis of the Ray.com Club. Volunteers held a competition for six cats and 11 dogs, among which were not only animals from shelters, but also pets, which were brought to the show by their owners.

There was also a jury that appreciated all the pets. Animals paraded around the hall, and their owners and volunteers talked about the peculiarities of the characters of their pets. Activists have awarded all the participants of the fashion show with huge sacks of feedstuff. And some were lucky to find their owners.

- I took up volunteering quite recently, - Svetlana Kolupaeva told 7x7. - I always tried to help organize any events like this. I love animals and think that it is inhuman to "throw away" pets on the street. It is good that there are shelters that take care of them and try to find homes for those under their cate. I always come to the shelter as much as possible to help volunteers, clean up the rooms of dogs and cats. We gather with my fellow students and bring feedstuff, cat litters, diapers and many other necessary things for the pets every month! As for the New Year at Home Project, I can say that the preparation went quite well. We made a program, invited the jury, decorated the room. Posters, t-shirts, feedstuff and cat litters, even a tablecloth and Scotch tape were purchased thanks to grant support.

The Whiskers, Paws and Tail Foundation held such an action for the first time in 2018. Many kittens got into good hands back then.


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