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  2. Policeman visited 7x7's photo correspondent Alexey Molotorenko in Kostroma for an «anti-extremist check»

Policeman visited 7x7's photo correspondent Alexey Molotorenko in Kostroma for an «anti-extremist check»

Daniil Kuznetsov
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District police major Igor Glukhinko came to the place of residence of photographer Alexey Molotorenko in Kostroma. He needed to conduct an «anti-extremist check». Alexey Molotorenko said about it on his Facebook on October 31.

According to Alexey Molotorenko, the policeman asked him where he lived, the photographer did not let him in and talked to him in the hallway.

Major Igor Glukhinko was satisfied with the explanation of Motorenko that he had "no extremism" and left.

"Major Gluchenko was a strange guest," concluded Motorenko.

In conversation with 7x7 the photographer assumed that the visit of the police officer could be connected with the incident at the Kostroma National Guard when Molotorenko was detained because he had photographed the Department’s gates.

On October 31, the police called activist of the Left Block Yulia Musina inviting her to come and sign some document.


Photojournalist Alexey Molotorenko, being on the editorial assignment of 7x7, photographed the action of Kostroma activists of the Left Block in support of the defendants in the "Moscow case", who were accused of rioting and attacking the police during rallies.

After this photoshoot, activists Yulia Musina and Irina Shumilova were visited by the employees of the Center for Combating Extremism — they tried to take explanations about the photo shoot, considered as a "public event". Yaroslavl police came to Irina Shumilova on the train to Moscow and examined her bag.


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