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  2. Police officers tried to close the Pereprava post of the opponents of landfill at Shies in the Ust-Vym district of Komi

Police officers tried to close the Pereprava post of the opponents of landfill at Shies in the Ust-Vym district of Komi

Dmitry Stepanovsky, Denis Strelkov
Police and activists at the Pereprava post
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Police officers and the National Guard took away the eco-activists' trailer, which was part of the Pereprava post (Russian for «waftage»), where opponents of the construction of the landfill for Moscow garbagewew recording the construction equipment transportation towards railway station Shies in Arkhangelsk Oblast. This was reported by the correspondent of "7x7" on October 29.

The police officer told the correspondent of "7x7" that they had come to take away the trailer by the decree of Rostekhnadzor — it was allegedly there illegally, and there was a high-voltage line nearby. The trailer was sealed up and taken away because its owner did not show up. According to the police, they came "to ask kindly to remove it" and if the owner showed up, the car would not be taken away.


Rostekhnadzor’s employee refused to give comments to the correspondent of "7x7".

The police tried to take away the polycarbonate greenhouse, which was placed near the trailer, but gave the activists some time to find its owner. When the police returned to take the greenhouse away, it was no longer there. Police considered the incident as a theft and said that they had called the Special Force Police.

Only a sunshade protecting activists from the wind remained at the Pereprava post.

The Pereprava post is located in the Ust-Vym district of the Komi Republic, near the village of Madmas by the Vychegda river. Before, an employee of the district administration inspected the post and said that she had conducted a survey of the land plot. In an hour, there was information in social networks that police officers were looking in the settlement of Zheshart for witnesses for sealing up of the trailer which was on the Pereprava post. 

Earlier, the police came to the post several times, copied the passport data of the activists and demanded to remove the trailer, because, in the opinion of the security forces, the activists had occupied the land plot without permission.

Near Doruchastok in Syktyvkar, about 4PM, the activists noticed a tow truck with a trailer and called the traffic police patrol. According to them, the height of the truck with the load exceeded the legal limit. As the traffic police officers were waiting for another car with a tape-measure, seven more police officers arrived at the scene. The police pushed one of the activists from the gate to get the tow truck to the pound, then left.

In an hour, the second car of the traffic police patrol drove to the pound, and two employees together with the correspondent of "7x7" went to the pound. The height of the car from the ground to the pipe was 4.2 meters, which exceeded the rules of the goods transportation (Article 12.21 of the Code of Administrative Offences of Russia). The punishment for this offence is a warning or a fine up to 500 rubles.

Construction of the landfill from Moscow and Moscow Oblast began at station Shies in Arkhangelsk Oblast in the summer of 2018. Residents of two regions — Arkhangelsk Oblast and the Komi Republic — united against the construction of the facility, held dozens of protests and organized an eco-watch — the duty in the camp next to the construction site. Participants of the eco-watch fix violations during the construction process.

Russian President Vladimir Putin asked to study public opinion about the construction of the landfill for Moscow garbage at station Shies. Almost all residents of Arkhangelsk Oblast spoke out against this project, about a half of them declared their readiness to participate in protests.


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