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Family of Murmansk businessman, who collected donations for Navalny’s headquarters, lost all the money due to security hold

Elena Golovachyova
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The enterprise of Eduard Dombay, Murmansk supporter of politician Alexey Navalny, shut down after all his accounts were blocked on October 24. The businessman himself lost money for buying food, Dombay told the correspondent of "7x7".

Eduard Dombay received a message from the bank that there were −29 999 554 253.38 rubles on one of his accounts. On October 25, he was to pay the VAT of about 240 thousand rubles.

— I talked to my accountant. Assignment agreements and other schemes won’t help, given that my customers are not vegetable stalls, but large airlines. I wanted to use my apartment in Murmansk, but the accountant presumed that it was arrested, too. And then I remembered how I was asked: "Who is the owner of the apartment?" I am the only owner of the apartment. I was also asked about the cars. I think my entire "domestic auto industry" is also impound.

Eduard Dombay runs an airline that transports people, cargo, and mail. In the North, civil aviation supplies remote villages.

"I am an individual entrepreneur and run business. This activity requires costs. Heavy costs. You need money even just to arrive in the airport, not to mention everything else. Every day you need something to eat. And not only I do," wrote Dombay in his media, which was also left without funding.

His personal situation is complicated by the fact that the elderly mother is in under care, and now she needs to get the pension restored. For a year, she has lived on her son's money. Dombay fears that the real estate will be arrested as well.

The attachment of Eduard's property is the next step after the search conducted by the representatives of the Investigative Committee in the apartment of the Murmansk citizen, after he offered the citizens through his information resource to raise money for the employees of the local headquarters of Navalny. A few weeks ago, they got broke, as well as employees of other branches of the Anti-Corruption Foundation in Russia.

Officially, Eduard Dombay is a witness in the case of money laundering in the FBK.

In some regions, bank accounts of several activists of Alexei Navalny's headquarters, journalists and businessmen were blocked on the case of money laundering at the Anti-Corruption Foundation (FBK). On October 24, activists in Arkhangelsk, Tambov, Izhevsk, Tver, Yekaterinburg, Murmansk, Krasnodar, Chelyabinsk and other cities reported about it.


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