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  2. In Mari El, three people were searched because of the case on «money laundering» in the Anti-Corruption Foundation

In Mari El, three people were searched because of the case on «money laundering» in the Anti-Corruption Foundation

Natalya Petrova
collage by Kirill Shuchalin

In Yoshkar-Ola, security forces have searched the apartments of journalist and blogger Alexei Seregin, member of the unregistered Libertarian party of Russia Mikhail Mironov, and employee of the Tatar culture center Ramay Yuldash on October 15. The searches were related to a criminal case on «money laundering» in the Anti-Corruption Foundation of politician Alexei Navalny. The press service of the regional Investigative Committee has not given «7x7» a comment about the searches in Mari El.

Investigators did not find libertarian Mikhail Mironov at home and frightened his grandmother. The activist was called to the Investigative Committee by 11 o'clock.

— I am named in this case as a witness, as two years ago I worked in the Navalny headquarters. My property was not seized, no charges were filed, —  Mironov told «7x7». — They said they had no more questions for me. But anything can happen, we all know where we live.

Journalist Alexei Seregin did not get in touch until 17:00, then posted comment from the page of his mother on his page on vk.com:

"In the morning, I was searched by the Investigative Committee. My hard drive, voice recorder, and phone were confiscated, and since all social networks are bound to my phone number, communication with me is difficult. The search was conducted with numerous violations: my computer was seized as a tool of my journalistic work, it contained information about my personal life, the search was conducted without a court decision, I was not given a copy of the search order, they tried to make it difficult for my lawyer to study the case materials. I cannot write about the case, as I am under pledge of secrecy. I'm at large now."

Employee of the Tatar culture center Ramay Yuldash didn't answer questions of "7x7".

The press service of the Investigation Department replied that they did not comment on these searches, as the Central office was connected with them.

Searches on October 15 took place in 30 regions of Russia. Not only activists supporting Navalny, but also journalists, politicians, social activists were searched. According to investigators, the activists "illegally" received 75 million rubles and put them into the accounts of the Anti-Corruption Foundation during the presidential campaign in 2018. Navalny's supporters attributed the appearance of money to fundraising on the Internet through various services, including cryptocurrency. Navalny believes that the real purpose of the persecution is the destruction of the regional network of headquarters.

In Yoshkar-Ola, the Navalny headquarters is closed. Its former activists held a constitutive meeting of the Mari El regional branch of Navalny's unregistered Russia of the Future party in May 2018.


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