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  2. Flash mob, picket, photo shoot — Kostroma activists supporting action for the freedom of Moscow protesters

Flash mob, picket, photo shoot — Kostroma activists supporting action for the freedom of Moscow protesters

Alexei Ukhankov, photos by Alexei Molotorenko
Photoshoot near the polce department

On September 29, two activists of the Left Block movement held a series of pickets in Kostroma, supporting the all-Russian action for the release of the defendants in the "Moscow case", reported the correspondent of "7x7".

The young women arranged a photo shoot with the stylized bandolier tapes and a "grenade gun" made of plastic cups (one of the reasons for initiation of criminal cases against participants of the action on July 27 in Moscow was a disposable cup, thrown towards police officers) at the police department, meanwhile a flash mob with t-shirts with bloody stains, the mouths sealed with red tapes, and handcuffs was organized at the public reception office of the Chairman of the United Russia party Dmitry Medvedev. One of the participants held a poster "She was against Putin."


The action finished at the porch of the Kostroma city hall near which activist of the Left Block Irina Shumilova stood with a blank sheet of paper. The reason for the lack of any inscriptions, according to the protester, was that everyone already understood everything.

Irina Shumilova

Participant of the action Yuliya Musina told "7x7":

- In Moscow, coordinated meeting "Release" in support of political prisoners took place. The participants called for the termination of the "Moscow case", the "FBK case", and supported citizens persecuted for their civil and political activities. In Kostroma, we haven't stood aside, because the problem of persecution for political reasons is relevant for every activist, no one is immune from this. The examples are not far to seek - just yesterday, our friend Alexei Motorenko was detained. The reason for the police lawlessness was him, going near the building of the Russian National Guard. Fortunately, Alexei is now at large, and this morning he has taken a picture of our small solidarity action with Irina. I think this format is more interesting than standard actions like rallies and pickets. No need to submit notifications, gather people, this looks unusual, new. Through the Internet, a wide range of people learn about these actions — they attract attention with their originality. Of course, there is a risk of increased interest from law enforcement agencies, but, as the saying goes, nothing ventured, nothing gained.

On September 28 in the city of Kostroma, employees of the Russian National Guard detained press photographer of online-newspaper "7x7" Alexei Motorenko, who was shooting the gates of the Russian National Guard’s department in Profsoyuznaya street with his phone, by force. The journalist was required to admit terrorism, after which he was sent to the police station, where he was released without a protocol. In total, the detention lasted more than five hours.


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