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  2. In Yaroslavl, security forces tried to give warnings to activists because of upcoming flashmob "Shies belongs to us!"

In Yaroslavl, security forces tried to give warnings to activists because of upcoming flashmob "Shies belongs to us!"

Maria Gavrilova

Representatives of the Center for counteracting extremism and Prosecutor's office came home to activists in Yaroslavl to give warnings on inadmissibility of violations on an action which those planned to carry out on September 22 in support of Shies defenders. On September 20, activist Anna Golovina told "7x7" about it.

Yaroslavl activists of the termless protest against the import of garbage from Moscow to other regions of Russia and against the construction of the landfill at station Shies in their community in the social network wrote that on September 22 they planned to hold flashmob "Single day of protest, Shies belongs to us!". The publication said that anyone could sign up for the flashmob.

- We still haven’t decided, in what form this [action] will be. But representatives of the Centre for fighting extremism, Prosecutor's office, and a man with a camera are visiting those people who are apparently being active during eco-bessrochka [a termless action]. They came to me at seven-thirty PM, tried to give me a warning. And this is interesting that they used to write about the inadmissibility of violations at public events in such warnings, and this time they have mentioned cultural events as well. That is, even if we organize a mass cultural event, we can still be violating something. I learned that we could be fined from 100 to 500 rubles for this. That is, a whole crowd came to my house to warn me against this fine. I haven’t signed this warning or taketn it, therefore [security officers] went away empty-handed. Then they went to other activists and visited at least three people that night, - Anna Golovina told "7x7".

Activists regarded these visits as pressure. Anna Golovina, in addition to the warning, was served a subpoena to appear to the police on a certain complaint to give explanations on September 22, right at the time when they planned to hold a flash mob. The activist could not say definitely, if there would be the action in support of Shies on September 22.

Movement "Pomorye Is Not a Dump!" announced the holding a single day of eco-protest throughout the country on 22 September. On this day, public protests will be held in more than 25 cities. The largest number of participants is expected in Arkhangelsk Oblast and the Komi Republic, where eco-activists have been protesting against the construction of the landfill at station Shies and the importation of garbage from Moscow into the region for more than a year. Rallies will also be held in Moscow, Vologda, Kirov, St. Petersburg, Izhevsk, and other cities. At the rally, the organizers plan to support the demands to cancel the construction of the landfill at Shies and stop the persecution of eco-activists. Moreover, they are going to discuss environmental problems in their region.

It became known about the construction of the landfill for garbage from Moscow and Moscow Oblast at station Shies near the village of Urdoma on the border of Arkhangelsk Oblast and the Komi Republic in the summer of 2018. Residents of the two regions have united and are holding protests against the import of garbage to Shies. In December 2018, opponents of the landfill construction organized a round-the-clock watch and observe the actions of the builders.


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