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  2. The police made a report on another activist who stopped fuel trucks in Madmas. Activists believe that the cars were going to Shies

The police made a report on another activist who stopped fuel trucks in Madmas. Activists believe that the cars were going to Shies

Karina Zabolotnaya

On September 4, an employee of the Department of Russian Ministry of Internal Affairs of Ust-Vymsky District of the Komi Republic made administrative protocol under Article 20.2.2 AOC RF ("Organization of mass gathering and (or) movement of citizens in public places resulting in violation of public order") on activist Nikita Chekov. The activist told the correspondent of "7x7" about it.

To make a report, the police visited Nikita Chekov eight days later after the events near village Madmas. On August 27, opponents of the landfill construction blocked the road to the village to two fuel trucks. According to activists, the cars were carrying fuel to Shies.

— I had to explain how I got there [near the ferry to Madmas] what did I do, if I am an activist, — Chekov described to the correspondent of "7x7" how the administrative report was written.

The first truck arrived at checkpoint Madmas on August 27 at 16:25. At that time, there were 4 residents of village Yarensk on duty. According to Chekov, the police identify activists from the filed video of the recorder that was in the cab of the truck. On August 28, the police in Komi Republic made four identical protocols on activists, who had been the first to arrive at the "Red button" signal (alarm of the activists on duty at station Shies and in Madmas).

At station Shies, where it is planned to build a landfill for the burial of Moscow garbage, eco-activists organized a round-the-clock watch. Participants record violations on the site. Since February 2019, they block forest roads to fuel trucks of company Technopark.

On August 27, near the village of Madmas, opponents of the construction of the landfill blocked the road to two fuel trucks, which, in their opinion, were carrying fuel to the construction site. In the drivers’ route leaves Madmas was noted as the endpoint. The distance from the village to station Shies is approximately 20 km. By the evening, more than 100 opponents of the construction and about 20 police officers have gathered at checkpoint Pereprava, where the activists are in control of transportation equipment to the landfill.

According to Levada-center, 95% of respondents in Arkhangelsk Oblast have a negative attitude to the construction of the landfill for rubbish from Moscow at station Shies, a half (49%) of them are willing to participate in coordinated protest, and a quarter (25%) — even in uncoordinated ones.


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