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  2. Three activists were detained at Shies, including Andrei «Drevarkh» Khristoforov

Three activists were detained at Shies, including Andrei «Drevarkh» Khristoforov

Dmitry Stepanovskiy

In the afternoon of August 17, the police detained three activists at station Shies in Arkhangelsk oblast, where the landfill for Moscow garbage is being built. The correspondent of "7x7" reported it on the spot.


The first to be detained was Alexander Peskov from Arkhangelsk, then Andrei Khristoforov, also known as Drevarkh Prosvetlyonnyi (Drevarkh the Enlightened), and Eduard Luzhkov were detained. Peskov is charged with Articles 19.3 and 20.17 of the Administrative Code («Failure to Follow a Lawfull Order of a Police Officer» and «Violating Pass Procedures at an Object under Guard») — he broke into a closed area of the ecotechnopark. Luzhkov was detained after he tried to take a picture of a police officer's ID (the latter was in civilian clothes). It is still unknown what Khristoforov is accused of.

Andrei Khristoforov is one of the most famous environmental activists in Arkhangelsk. He has been supporting the movement against the construction of the landfill for waste storage from Moscow in Arkhangelsk oblast for several months. In June 2019, he was fined for participating in an anti-garbage rally.

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