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Nizhnevartovsk activists held mass picket in defense of circus animals

Daria Romanova

A mass picket in protection of circus animals took place in Nizhnevartovsk Hyde Park — in the amphitheater on the embankment of the Ob river. It was organized by activist Evgenia Aglotkova, reported the correspondent of "7x7".

About 40 people took part in the picket. According to animal rights activist Valeriya Aglarova, it was the biggest city action in defense of animals.


The city administration agreed on the picket. The protesters were carrying banners, the police were taking photos of the events for the report — to show «the district» that the posters contained only texts, connected with animal protection.


The picket lasted two hours, from 17:00 to 19:00.

— I decided to organize this picket because we need to start somehow. In the future, I want to take the initiative of banning the leasing of city squares to circuses and zoos. If people in every city get involved in this problem, they will be able to ban transport circuses and zoos, to ban using wild animals for entertainment. As a result, we will get rid of this cruel business. I believe that people cause all the troubles of the animals, — Aglotkova told "7x7".

In early August, a circus tent came on tour to Nizhnevartovsk. It was located in the city center. The artists brought a Canadian puma, a Himalayan bear, a tiger, and royal poodles with them. These animals are listed in the official circus group on vk.com. Pictures of a small lion cub in a cage near the circus tent are published in social networks.


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