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  2. Journalists of Arkhangelsk and Severodvinsk spoke out for colleagues fined for participation in the action against Shies landfill

Journalists of Arkhangelsk and Severodvinsk spoke out for colleagues fined for participation in the action against Shies landfill

Alexander Kuleshov
by Karina Zabolotnaya
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In Arkhangelsk, journalists of “Severnye novosti” and “Belomorkanal” came to Lenin Square on April 13 to support colleagues Yevgeny Bogucharsky and Dmitry Sekushin, who received fines for participating in the uncoordinated procession and rally on April 7. Bogucharsky and Sekushin stated that they participated as representatives of the media.

At 12:00, about a dozen journalists with cameras came to the Lenin monument in the central square of the city, on a sixth day of unlimited protest. Alexander Kuleshov, one of the organizers of the rally, was the first to picket. A few minutes later, Kuleshov was replaced by several journalists from Arkhangelsk and Severodvinsk. They stood at the pedestal holding posters “Hands off the press — this is our swamp!”.



Those present noticed that such actions in relation to the press are unacceptable. One of the picketers said that for the first time journalists in Arkhangelsk received fines when performing their professional duties.

A police officer who arrived right after the start of the action, checked the documents of everyone who stood at the picket, took a picture and asked if there were many more people to participate.

Journalists stood for about half an hour, rolled up posters and went away.

The Oktyabrsky District Court of Arkhangelsk on April 9 fined journalists Yevgeny Bogucharsky ("News of the Day 29") and Dmitry Sekushin ("Svobodnaya Rech") for participating in an uncoordinated march on April 7. Sekushin was fined 200 thousand rubles, as he was already punished in 2018 for participating in another rally. Bogucharsky, who presented on the march and rally without a press card, was fined 30,000 rubles.

On April 7, the largest protest against the construction of a landfill in Lenskoy district at Shies station was held in Arkhangelsk. Participants held a rally and marched, despite cordons and police warnings. After the end of the rally, the participants announced an ongoing protest on Lenin Square.

In July 2018, the Moscow company “Tekhnopark” began building the garbage landfill for Moscow and the Moscow region in the Lenskoy district of the Arkhangelsk region on the border with the Komi Republic.

Karina Zabolotnaya, photo of the author, "7x7"


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