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  2. First picket against the construction of a landfill in the Arkhangelsk region in Komi

First picket against the construction of a landfill in the Arkhangelsk region in Komi

On February 1, coordinated picket was held in the village of Kortkeros against the construction of the landfill at Shies station in the Lenskoy district of the Arkhangelsk region and an increase in the tariffs for garbage collection. The action was organized by the local branch of the Communist Party of the Russian Federation together with the Komi branch of the Lenin Komsomol and the inter-regional organization "Committee for the Protection of Vychegda". It became the first in the announced decade of ecoprotest, an activist Viktor Vishnevetsky reported.

According to Vishnevetsky, about 20 people participated in the action, mostly retirees. They handed out leaflets and newspapers of the Communist Party of the Russian Federation "Truth of Komi". The police and the administration representative photographed from afar. Information pickets were held in Syktyvkar.

The activist said that villagers complained about other problems:

"The village is not gasified. We pay a lot for communal services. They heat the CHP with fuel oil, and for a two-room apartment 10 thousand rubles is spent only on heating. Old women complain that in the XXI century they still collect wood."

In the summer of 2018, residents of the Arkhangelsk region learned that the Technopark company started building a landfill for municipal solid waste from Moscow with an area of ​​5 thousand hectares near the Shies station in the Lenskoy District. It provides for round-the-clock acceptance and unloading from 55 to 90 cars with garbage — up to five trains a day. Residents of two regions — the Arkhangelsk region and Komi — opposed this project. They held numerous rallies in different cities, organized round-the-clock duty at Shies station, initiated regional referendums on the issue of banning the import of garbage from other regions, wrote appeals to security and supervisory structures.

On January 12, activists of the Arkhangelsk region and the Komi Republic created the inter-regional movement "Committee for the Protection of Vychegda". Members of the movement agreed to hold a single day of protest on February 3, and State Council deputy Komi Oleg Mikhailov proposed a decade of protest over the importation of Moscow garbage and the work of the regional operator.

From November 1, the Ukhtazhilfund LLC became the only regional waste management operator in Komi, the tariff began to be calculated on the basis of the number of people living in an apartment or house, and not on square meters. At the end of November, on behalf of the head of the republic Sergey Gaplikov, the tariff for waste management was reduced: those living in a house with central heating will pay 115.5 rubles per person, and residents of premises with stove heating — 50.37 rubles.

Nina Popugaeva, «7x7»


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