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  2. Kirov activists installed a bloody stake with the image of Stalin as Satan

Kirov activists installed a bloody stake with the image of Stalin as Satan

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On December 18, Kirov activists Vadim Ananyin and Svetlana Marina held a rally on the square, where the monument to Stalin used to be. They installed a wooden stake splattered with red paint with the image of CPSU General Secretary Joseph Stalin.

The event was timed to Stalin's birthday (December 18). According to Ananyin, the red liquid on a stake and in a glass on the image from which Stalin drinks means the blood of hundreds of thousands of people who were killed in the years of repression.

"Under the leadership of Stalin, a repressive machine was in full force across the country, killing, just to kill, without purpose, in cold blood, like a mad maniac. We can not allow the return of the Stalinist methods of government. The least we can do and have to do is to keep the memory of the millions of ruined fates, keep the truth about this time and talk about it," the activist said.

In 2016, the activists of the Kirov PARNAS had already conducted a campaign using a blood-stained stake on the Theater Square. They protested against the war in Ukraine and Syria. Vadim Ananyin was among the participants.

Denis Strelkov, «7x7»


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