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Arkhangelsk activist joined youth pickets against waste from Moscow

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On November 12, several pickets were held near the building of the Arkhangelsk Regional Assembly of Deputies. The protesters demanded tightening the rules for possession of weapons. The participant of the Free North movement, Dmitry Sekushin, demanded to prevent transportation of municipal waste from other regions to the landfill in the Arkhangelsk region. The activist told the «7x7» correspondent why he had to join the picket against possession of weapons.

According to Dmitry Sekushin, initially people protesting against the construction of the landfill near Shies station in Lenskoy district wanted to hold a mass picket on November 12 30 meters from the regional assembly building from 08:00 to 22:00 so that the authorities would not have a chance to reschedule the event. Presumably, about 100 people were supposed to go out to the building of the legislative body and demand that deputies and the regional government not allow the transportation of garbage from other regions.

The Department for Domestic Politics and Local Government of the Governor’s Office offered activists another place. The refusal was motivated by another event — a picket to tighten the rules for handling weapons. According to Dmitry Sekushin, the proposed place did not meet the purpose of the event, because the activists wanted to bring the demands to the deputies of the regional assembly exactly on the square in front of their building.

A mass picket against the importation of waste into the Arkhangelsk region did not take place, and Dmitry Sekushin alone decided to join the coordinated picket. He made a poster with the inscription “Please tighten the rules of weapons possession. People of Urdoma are on edge!” And went to the building of the Assembly of Deputies.

"I thought that my poster does not contradict the theme of the declared rally, why not take part in it?" told Sekushin.



At 09:30 AM a few people gathered at the regional assembly for a picket with "Against weapons" posters. These were representatives of the youth council of Arkhangelsk. The event was organized by the secretary of the regional office of the Party for Justice, Igor Sidyakov.

Dmitry Sekushin stood up near them. According to the activist, the police immediately approached him and asked him to leave the square, because he was not approved as a participant.

"I talked with young policemen for five minutes, they do not know the laws. But, apparently, after consulting with senior comrades, they realized that I was right, and left me alone," Dmitry Sekushin said.

After the police, Sekushin was approached by the organizer of the coordinated picket. He also asked the activist to put the poster away and leave.

"According to the law, the organizer has the right to demand the removal of a participant in a public event, but his demands must be justified," Dmitry Sekushin explained. The nearby police major found no reason to remove him from the event.

"Also, a man in a black jacket repeatedly approached me. He spoke quite rudely to me, accused me of a political hype. He said that I was trying to feed on the tragedy, he meant the explosion in the building of the FSB," said the activist.

Sekushin spent 25 minutes outside the regional assembly building, then left.

In the morning of the same day, the head of the regional branch of Yabloko, Alexey Kuznetsov, came out with a poster saying "Lenskoy District, we are with you!" A resident of the Arkhangelsk Region, who brought several thousand appeals to the deputies from Koryazhma, protested at the monument to Lenin. She held the poster "Koryazhma against the dump!".

The date of November 12 was chosen on purpose. On this day, parliamentary hearings on the waste management system in the region were held in Arkhangelsk. The agenda included a question about the Ecotechnopark project for the disposal of solid waste near Shies station. Besides, the activists wanted the deputies to see that people are protesting against the construction of the landfill.

"If the deputies vote for this proposal of the governor or vote against, but the “United Russia”, which has the majority, will pass the law, then [regional governor Igor] Orlov will be able to give any sites of the Arkhangelsk region for the location of landfills. It will be a disaster," commented Sekushin.

The landfill for municipal solid waste from Moscow with an area of ​​five thousand hectares is being built near the Shies station in the Lenskoy district of the Arkhangelsk region. The project of the Moscow company Technopark provides for acceptance and unloading of trains from 55 to 90 cars, up to five trains per day. Residents of Urdoma, Yarensk, Koryazhma and other cities and villages protest against these plans.

In October, a meeting of the Commission on Investment Policy and Competition Development was held. It presented an investment project for construction at the station Shies of Lenskoy district production for processing and disposal of waste. As a result, became it a priority in the region.

Residents of the Arkhangelsk region arrange numerous rallies and pickets, collect signatures against the construction of the landfill at Shies station. Signatures are collected in all large settlements of Lenskoy and other districts, as well as on the site of the Russian public initiative.

Karina Zabolotnaya, photo by Olga Shkolina, «7x7»


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