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  2. Civil activist protested against potholes on the streets of Saransk

Civil activist protested against potholes on the streets of Saransk

by Kirill Matyavin
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On October 23, the representative of the public movement "Time" Igor Rogov held a single picket in the southwestern microdistrict of Saransk. He held the poster on sections of streets with broken asphalt, which was not repaired on the eve of the World Cup.

"I want to draw the attention of local authorities and citizens to the poor state of the roads and intra-quarter passages of Saransk," a civil activist explained. "If the main thoroughfares in the center of the city look relatively decent, then in the microdistricts the situation is simply awful. Why mayor Pyotr Tultaev, who from time to time holds ostentatious events called "mayor's environment", doesn’t, in fact, pay any attention to broken body of road?"

Passers-by supported the activist.

"I often walk with my child on the sidewalk of Furmanov Street," said Olesya Makridina. "In rainy weather or right after the rain, you have to literally dodge splashes from passing cars."

Furmanov Street, where Igor Rogov held his picket, is located in the southwestern microdistrict of Saransk. The roadbed is broken in many places, motorists cannot drive safely, there is also a depot of the Emergency Situations Ministry for fire trucks.



"We decided to undertake the topic of Saransk roads in the middle of summer," Yevgeny Pashutkin, coordinator of the public network movement "Open Russia" told the «7x7» correspondent. "In the capital of Mordovia, matches of the FIFA World Cup were held, most of the roads were repaired — they were visible; and the roads in the microdistricts, where neither officials nor fans came, were left without attention, one of them is Furmanov Street and adjacent driveways."

Civilian activists sent a request to the traffic police of Mordovia to take action and received a notification that their appeal was registered. A month later, they received another one, word for word repeating the first. After that, they wrote a complaint to the republic’s Prosecutor’s Office, but it was transferred to the same State Traffic Inspectorate.

"Now we have sent an appeal to the Prosecutor General’s Office of Russia, we intend to ensure that our message is heard and the situation changes for the better," says Pashutkin.

The Saransk administration told a «7x7» correspondent that in 2018 35 kilometers of roads were already repaired in the capital of Mordovia, more than 1 billion 300 million rubles were allocated for the development of the road network in Saransk and located in the immediate vicinity of the capital of the republic. At the same time, the employee of the city hall found it difficult to answer the question when it is planned to improve the street Furmanov and adjacent inter-quarter trips.

Igor Telin, photo by Kirill Matiavin, «7x7»


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