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Amur tiger is illegally kept in the travelling zoo

by Daria Bekker
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Yugra's environmental monitoring body found violations in the activities of the travelling zoo "Fortuna", which arrived in Nizhnevartovsk in the summer and is now in Surgut. After the appeal of the animal defenders, the department conducted a check and found out that the Amur tiger, listed in the Red Book of Russia, was illegally kept in the zoo. This is stated in the reply of the environmental monitoring body, which was received on September 11 by Valeria Aglarova, representative of the foundation for assistance to the homeless animals, "Human and Animal".

The travelling zoo "Fortuna" arrived in Nizhnevartovsk at the end of July. It is located at the intersection of the streets Khanty-Mansiyskaya and Mira. After it arrived, the residents of the city started arguing whether it was humane to place animals in such conditions. Animal defenders also became interested in the events.



On July 30, the «7x7» journalist together with Valeria Aglarova visited the zoo. There were more than 40 species of animals, mainly large predators: bears, lions, tigers, cougars, jaguars. They were alone in small cages, which they crossed in a couple of steps. Among other animals there was the Amur tiger, listed in the Red Book of Russia. Management of the zoo refused to comment.



Valeria Aglarova applied to the Nizhnevartovsk department of the State Veterinary Surveillance. She asked to check the zoo and examine the conditions of the animals.



"All we can do is to organize an unscheduled inspection, but it's not so simple either. Anyone can apply for it, however, it is necessary to provide concrete evidence about the poor condition of animals (photo or video). And only then we can apply to the prosecutor's office to agree on an unscheduled inspection. In this case, we will be able to check veterinary documents, but often zoos have no problems with it. Legislation has not yet prescribed the content standards, " commented the chief veterinary inspector of the Nizhnevartovsk department of Veterinary Surveillance Andrei Sitnikov.

Another application was sent to the environmental monitoring body of Yugra. Animal defenders received answer on September 11. The document states that together with representatives of law enforcement agencies, the inspector in the field of environmental protection checked the zoo and found that the Amur tiger is kept in the zoo without a proper permit, which is a violation of the federal law.

Prirodnadzor added that now "law enforcement bodies are deciding whether to initiate criminal proceedings" against the director of the zoo "Fortuna". The department did not specify the bodies. Besides, Prirodnadzor of Yugra is going to prosecute the zoo.

Daria Bekker, photo by the author, «7x7»


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